Holy fucking jesus christ those covers are amazing.

Now this shit will get all over the net, and watch how every young artist / designer / illustrator's shit will start looking like this stuff - in that weird way that we have where everything starts looking the same and the same images keep popping up everywhere like a while ago it was deer antlers stuck onto everything... i dont know what the fuck is going on its got something to do with flckr and the internet


Al Goldstein is out of control! He had a blog that was pretty funny and I feel like he was involved in some kind of "synthetic cocaine" being marketed on tv.

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That is freaking crazy.

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These all crazy,whats new here.

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aah the joys of smut. I'm off to wank over octo-homaphrodite

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Some of the pictures are disgusting))))), your post is great. Where did you mange to find ????))))
The covers are so amzing!!!!)))) I can't stop luaghing)))) Really Style Covers))))


it is december already.

this one time i...

omg these are amazing.
i want one done for me!


I'm going to get one of these tattooed on my back


Our bathroom is fairly small and we would like to have some extra hooks for towels on the back of the door...are there specific ones made for doors so they are stable once you screw them on?

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Do you know www.yousharp.com ??

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woah! Lmao! this is just great.. I also had one of the adventure and found a collection of Taboo 1-3 movies.. darn that was cool as fck!

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Holy Carabao! this is one epic collection... This is just hilarious! Thanks for the post.. Classic! :D



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So freaking hilarious.

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I find very interesting these magazines! where I can get?

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god damn amazing


It is very terrible. It does harm to younth's health.

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