holy shit.



Thoughts on:
"I make love to her only a few times in a year, as she’s not really into making love with me."


She is just in it for the glory of having a champ as a bf. she doesn't wanna shag him though


First Australian Vice article to make me laugh, congats.


i can beat anyone at masturbation.


no sir i belive i can beat anyone !


I'm so proud.

Mindy Scott

seriously?!! a room for masturbation..LOL...i wonder where would rankpay ( http://www.prleap.com/pr/134769 ) categorize this

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Holy crap! I just learned that there is such thing as maturbate - athon.. Lmao!

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Thoughts on:
"I make love to her only a few times in a year, as she’s not really into making love

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LOL this is crazy and hilarious! ahahahhah

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The creator of this event, Neil Miller of the blog Stressing the Vine, came to me with a list. He asked me for my thoughts, and what began as a list of just about all Cab Franc makers had to be pared down to fit this tasting. Input came from me, Neil, and a few others, but ultimately the final list did not deviate much from Neil's original intentions.

The goal was not to have a regional survey of essentially all producers -- that's just not possible, sadly.

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Thoughts on:
"I make love to her only a few times in a year, as she’s not really into making love with me."

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i like this part of the post:"The burning of the festival's giant wooden statue is clearly a moment of spiritual significance for the film's subjects, but when they rely on New Age cliches about "energy," "intensity," and "vision" to describe their feelings, the words don't resonate.
" is very good

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This is just so sad.. I'm really sorry for your loss.. My thoughts and prayers are with you.. God Bless!

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