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You've spoiled the lad. Try riding him (for your pleasure) and then getting on your hands and knees, and once he's in, tip your butt up in the air (the pressure caused that way will make him ejaculate...I GARONTEE!)

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wearing a mesh sarong around your waist will undoubtedly make you gay.

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Wow!! these are really unique clothes. The boys look nice in these.



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Is it a fancy dress fashion show going on here?

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It looks like the boys have worked very hard in the zym.

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good man,Super man!!

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well,thats a nice different way for fashion,and for those that really like it i wish good luck,its not really my style though but it has something interesting in it :)

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Good fashion but nobody can boldly wera this in my own part of the world

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I need a dress for graduation. I would like it to be edgy yet cute and girly at the same time. I love converse and i guess you could say I have a skater style. Any info is appreciated!

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Nice really nice! What a wonderful dress..I love them all =)

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Ha ha ha!! I feel like laughing seeing their clothes.


thanks you
You will have to crawl very nice,owe you gratitude..

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Nice! Love the photos! ^_^ hmmm nice fashion..


These guys don't look like models...


These guys are looking so hot!! I recently heard some talking head gesticulating on daytime TV that this kind of thing in sport has meant that heterosexual men can now get away with loads of things that used to be termed “gay” back in the day, like holding each others dicks as they go down a water slide together.

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It depends on the country too. In many country the men have sex with each other and it’s no big deal.


Cool stuff!! it seems that they're still living in the stone age.


These don't look like models. I am really surprised to see them.


This sounds like the same intentional deceit used by the Jeebus industry in their fraudulent ex-gay claims.

By modifying the definition of homosexuality to include only persons actively engaged in same sex activity they lay the groundwork for their bogus "cure".

If a gay person is only someone that has gay sex then as soon as they do not have gay sex they are not gay. To a rational person or one who owns a dictionary this BS will not fly.
If it were really the case that gay people were only gay if they are having gay sex, then as I am typing this message I'm not gay because I'm typing and not having sex.
In the real world a person is gay if they are primarily or exclusively attracted in a romantic and/or sexual way to persons of the same gender. So mumbo jumbo Jeebus spells or celibacy do not make a person ex-gay

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No one should pressure anyone into living a lifestyle they disagree with. Your friend made the choice to not have sex with people of the same sex, that is HER choice and your other friend needs to butt out because it isn't his life or his body. No one is telling him to turn straight, why is he telling her to turn gay? Also, I hope she isn't trying to convince him to do the same as she has done, because that is not her business any more than it's his business if she chooses not to be gay anymore. Just tell him to drop it because the choice isn't for him to make.

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I am ceratin you can find some testimonies on reliable websites. i once read a testimony of a gay man who became a christian and then went onto get married and have kids and completely leave behind his gay lifestyle. Hope this is of some help.

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