karl von wangstein

you little beauties.


wow, canberra isn't boring after all!


I'd tap that naked gay guy.


Loved the article Brybry

Andy Woo

Great article.


Some dude smashes a bottle of tomato ketchup on a picnic and a day later it's a rave! Hilarious. How bored are people in Canberra!


Why is the Christian Wing man wearing a jewish prayer shawl? Back to front no less! (the collar bit is supposed to be on the inside....) If thats not satanic, I'm not sure what is..


fuck i remember drinking goon on that blood stained pole.

Alex Holmes

I'm actually the President of ANU League of Extraordinary Atheists, and I am not the guy you mention!

This is me : http://www.facebook.com/alex.strife14?ref=profile
This is him: http://www.facebook.com/necrophagist333?ref=ts

Though he is a rather good friend of mine, we are not one and the same. ^_^

We tried our best with the posters dude :P

Steve Samara

I am the guy that is wearing the awesome Slayer shirt. I am not an atheist. I am a Satanist. Alex and I are quite good friends, and have a mutual allegiance in the battle against fundamentalist Christianity. Thank you for reporting this, the photos are excellent. It was a rather good day in my opinion.

If anyone wants to email me for more information, feel free to drop me a line - vobiscumchoronzon@gmail.com .

Have a great week ;)


Satanists rock


Fuck Australians are ugly. I say that as one.


if you believe in satan you have to believe in god right?
so does that make them just as delusional as christian god people?


Strangely what all the atheists and other`s who where making the sign of the devil don`t know is that it is in fact on old english sign to ward of the devil and so really it is the christians who should be doing it.

Cleanse ProX

I love your blog! I think that you will help a lot of people going through similar experiences by sharing your story!

Chthonic Bandia

The sign of the horns goes back even further than Christianity. It is actually an old European Pagan sign of fertility honoring the Horned God, Dionysos. While Dionysos was definitely the more "free-spirited" god than the rest of the group, definitely not Satanic and not even a hint of Christinaity. Dionysos was considered to be the "Horned God," the consort of the Great Goddess, and also a God of the Vine (alcohol) and sexuality/fertility, with a big emphasis on festival and procreation/growth/fertility.

Sammy O'Ryan

Wow! Mt Anslie of all places! Thanks for covering this story- I'd imagine Canberra media would probably want to steer away from such an event- imagine Witches, Satanists,homosexuals & radical Christians living here in the Nations Capital!!

Great read.


It is incredible that this event did not erupt into violence.
Way to not be like America/Britain/Other places where white people with too much money and spare time live.
The part of me that is sick of protests/rallies/groups of fucktards getting together and fighting over all the stupid bullshit they believe is glad that no one got hurt - or that no cops showed up and just maced and arrested everyone.
The part of me that thinks self-righteous/bigoted/any outspoken Christians have escaped an honest and proper beatdown from The Gays/Atheists/Witches/etc. for far too long wishes that that naked dude would have gone in swinging.

All I'm saying is, turn their other cheek for them next time and see what happens.


spaghetti monster

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Bill Mayan

I agree, that naked guy is scary.

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I see nothing but crazy metal people - my kind of folk.

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James, NY

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