as long as the cafe doesn't smell like the bodegas that have pet cats then i'm all for it. some of them just smell like giant litter boxes though and i couldn't eat with that stench in the air.


arent cats always kinda lazy?


pussycat dolls and cat stevens, nice variation.


I bet that kitty just pretends like he likes having people around and as soon as the doors are locked he calls up his kitty friends and they rock that joint until the very last minute where they'll still have time to clean up the mess before Monday morning.


A cat that spends all her days in a bar? I bet that cat smells something awful.

Bryan Colson

Smells like a bodega, cat smells awful. What kind of idiots. Oh excuse me.

I'll go for DabblesInPacfism for saying that the Cats wait until the patrons leave and Rock On until day light. House Cats like lionesses sleep around 20 hours a day and yes come out at night. Like Blues and Jazz lovers alike they are cooooool. My siamese cat, Sally lived to be 16 years and believe me had more class than most humans.

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awww I love cats, is a really nice restaurant, definitely I want to go there!!!!
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I don't know, I don't like cats because their poop and piss smell really bad. So when there are cats, I try to avoid those places and they have a parasite that it goes straight to your brain.


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