that we don't do something about the slnepieg routine, I will go crazy. So he bought the book, JEDES KIND KANN SCHLAFEN LERNEN (Every Child can Learn how to Sleep) and after letting her cry for 3 hours (the neighbor actually rang our bell to ask if the baby was alright) on the first night, it just got better As promised by the book, within 3 days, HUGE IMPORVEMENT (althought she was already more than a year old around this time, the book says you can try it as early as 6 months). But, now that Danielle is already 3 years old, I feel a bit sad. I feel like I taught her too much and didn't take my time and her time to enjoy the baby years. I taught her how to sleep on her own, how to eat on her own, how to pee, how to remove her shoes and socks and out them on, how to change her clothes, how to brush her teeth She knows too much and soon she will be starting kindergarten, be out in the world and mommy will all the more not be the BIGGEST fixture in her life I guess my point is, although it feels like forever to have your baby girl grow up, time really flies so fast, then she is no longer a baby even though she will always be your baby, and there is a HUGE difference I LOVE YOUR BLOG! KEEP ON WRITING!

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