HEY! Who gives a shit about fashion?


judging solely on the covers, I like "Pop" better


i give pop the edge because of the logo. otherwise, i couldn't give a shit about fashion mags.


LOVE really lost me a Jonas brothers.


layouts of each look great to me. never buy paper mags anymore though.


I wonder how much of 'working' at vice involves kissing arse while still trying to appear 'subversive' in order to secure future employment opportunities


The only "winner" here is Pixie Geldof. Anyone with no discernible journalistic talent who can get paid work is surely laughing at everyone right now.


POP has a better cover and they (apparently) haven't interviewed the Jonas Brothers, so Vice's conclusion is airtight as far as I can tell.


I prefer Love, to be honest. I mean Pop. I like their layout a lot.


vice wins! Thanks for the article. I loved pop at it's inception. YOU THINK FASHION IS YOUR FRIEND, MY FRIEND, FASHION IS DANGER!
Too bad vice never had any balls when it came to fashion. Vice waits for the others to lead!

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Both are somewhat amateur .... from what i've seen


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