that sucks


next time take the mattress off the bed & lay it on the floor.

General Bacon Pony

hipsters have shitty sex lives


haha..i've had a bad day and your story gave me a smile..thanks..


oh..and kinda turned me on...


You're a silly drunken slut, congratulations! Next...






'hipsters have shitty sex lives

Posted by: General Bacon Pony | 17/09/2009 at 08:24 ' - brilliant

I cant believe you post this shit and im dumb enough to sit here and read this crap. Hipsters are boring. vice schmice


This is a funny! Def painted a story in my head - put a smile on my dial for sure. Ignoring all negative previous comments - i think these people just have boring sex lives


you cant blame the man for wanting to finish the job. it keeps us awake, stopping mid-root. but fuck that sounded NAYSTY. i would probably have just gone and beat off in the bathroom sink and then snuck out the window.


Good story, but totally agree about mattress on the ground idea. Common sense people.

not my real email


Roots Natty

Fuck the mattress, My knees would have been rubbed raw on the floor. But I sure would have made it good for you. After all I can't allow my reputation to be sullied by having some chick think that I was the "worst sex ever". LOL!

Bunk Bed Bedroom Furniture

Nice Site, enjoy reading it. Common sense is not very common these days anyway.


WTF. U were both bloody drunk and u were expecting the best of sex from him? No foreplay? Look of disgust on ur face? Hey maybe he even felt u were a lousy lay for all u know. Next time u want the best of sex try and be sober with ur partner. It helps for good sex. Girl u were drunk.

valdo gonsalves

Estou concordando plenamente tenis oakley e tambem este tenis nike com tudo.


LOL!! I was being sarcastic, I don't plan my life that far ahead of time, and I never make lists, in actliuaty, when an idea hits me I drop everthing and get it done (which is not always the practical thing to do) because I know tomorrow I'll be distracted by a different idea. I really don't need to make resolutions, I don't spend much time debating wheteher I should do something or not, if I feel passionate enough about something, it WILL get done, whatever the cost. There's nothing for me to quit because I'm not addicted to anything, whenever I notice in myself a pattern of behavior (good or bad) taking shape I stop abruptly and change course on the fly, not because I have a strong will but because I have a very short attention span. I have always felt that having a particular fetish and being addicted to any one drug or thing or whatever, is for the masses, of course, things are not that black & white and people have justifications and reasons for everything but I believe an artist should not be bound by addiction, it's too restrictive and boring, ultimately it all depends on the individual mindset but personally, I'd rather be free to explore and express everything, my life and my behavior are not much different than my artwork, the only exception being the commitment I have for my kids.I didn't say "have more sex with other people", you can always have sex with yourself, where's the harm in that? (besides hairy palms) I've been married to the same woman for 23 years and I have 2 kids, so I'm positive it will never happen, to have sex with strangers doesn't appeal to me in the least, I have to care for the person I'm with, otherwise it doesn't do anything for me, I tried going to a prostitute once when I was younger, that was a disaster. Sexual frustration is a very important part of my life, it fuels my anger and drive, is the engine that makes everything artistic possible, all that truncated passion and energy gets put to a good use: ART. Don't feel bad for me, I like it that way :)


I don't know about New Year resolutions, but I do know that a new year gives a new ciemaontnnt field. Past failings are relegated to 'last year', while 'this year' offers promise and hope. (Well, until we bugger everything up again!!)Inspired by your monigotes, this year I hope to sketch something every day. (The 3 Jan piece, with the additional scribblings, is very cool!)And since this is my first entry, can I tell you how much I dig your style. When I first saw it in Draw! magazine (the Illustrator tutorial issue) I freaked: it's bawdy, but so beautiful and measured. Muy bonita!Do you still have sketchbooks for sale? And do you ship Internationally? (I live in Australia.) I'd be interested in purchasing one. (Not an Australia, a sketchbook!)Well, all the best for '06!Oh, and you're right about the sex and marriage business...But there's always the flip side. At least we get some. *And* it comes without regrets, or the need for paper bags! :)


The second time I ever had sex (with the man who is now my hubnasd, but was my boyfriend at the time), he slipped out, but not all the way out. For a while afterwards, we couldn't even have sex at all, as the pain of him even attempting to put his penis inside me was just too much. I found that putting a pillow under my lower back and butt and using some lube until my body was used to sex solved the problem. Occasionally I do still have some pain during sex, but that's mostly from my lack of physical abilities.

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