Holy shit, Jameson. I'm with you. Grew up in north Alabama, which has its own regional barbeque thing going. It's a mix of North Carolina pulled pork and vinegar-based sauces and Memphis ribs. We also have something that originated in north Alabama: white sauce.

Roadside shacks and backyard pits are the best. Low and slow and without any pretentious attitude or (God forbid) waiter flair.

Just got a smoker and can't wait to get going. The pulled pork recipe I have calls for 14 hours of smoking. It's going to be a long, glorious day.


Here's an example. Some of the best ribs I have ever had came from this shack in a backyard in Northport, AL.




as someone from the south i completely agree that choices are much too limited in new york and when you can find a place that's decent it unfortunately comes along with a hearty helping of cheesy ambiance.


Brazilians know how to make a proper BBQ. Churrasco all the way.


Slow food is all right but 14 hours is out of control. I couldn't wait for that.


Gates BBQ in KC- How may I help you! How may I help you!


BBQ is god! that is all.


MEAT is god.


Another thing. A barbeque does not mean burgers and hot dogs and sausages on a grill. That is a cookout.


memphis places to check out

tops bbq- any location

cozy corner- north parkway and danny thomas blvd


Sweats BBQ in Georgia (can't remember the town, but I think it's on the way to Vidalia).

Also, Spiced Right BBQ in lilburn Ga on US29. Day-um, smokey!


ATL: Ribs at Daddy D'z are tried-and-true awesomeness. Fox Bros is the up-and-comer to watch. Fat Matt's is over-rated and always dry the times I went. Rolling Bones is satisfactory. The Albert's 'cue will make you cry, but they only do it Sundays.

Nashville: Haven't lived there in years, but Hog Heaven straight-up rules. Chicken with white sauce, please!


Here in California no one gets the regional bbq subtleties (the rare "soul food" restaurant is generic "southern" with maybe some cajun thrown in). I was lucky enough to have an ex introduce me to Texas bbq and to this day I think smoked brisket might be one of the foods of the gods.

Jameson: our generation's Calvin Trillin?


Carlisle's in B'ham, AL. Same pit burning since 1946! AND it's only about 10 blocks from the house.

Charles Glass

If you're in or going to savannah ga, go to angel's bar b q, the best bar buh que ive ever had.

Franklin footfuck

This story gave me a boner.

Best BBQ in Brooklyn = Fette Sau. They serve whiskey in glass jugs too. Just walking by the place makes me start to drool.


Perfectly fine piece on Southern Style BBQ but I have to say...

Nothing like an out of towner hipster who moves to Williamsberg and complains about the douche-bags in the berg. Williamsberg is specifically for douche-bags. And the bit about savoring Waffle House and Chic Fil A. - cut me a fucking break - oh how the corporate Christian fundamentalist fast food of the South is so much better. The whining about serving BBQ as fancy food is also retarded - did you forget where you are. This is NYC.To say there aren't enough good BBQ spots done right would be like complaining that there is nowhere to get a proper Philly Cheesesteak even though Philly is only 90 miles away. Isn't it a nice thing that provincial specialties remain the little secret of each unique place.

clap shitty

As someone born and raised in the South by Southerners who now lives in the Northeast, I always encounter other ex-Southerners who really play up that shit, acting like true rednecks ("I'm a-gonna smoke this heah meat on muh terrace, and mayne who give a dern what thu neighbors say"), when in actuality that kind of behavior is what caused them to get the hell out of the South in the first place ... such as the author of this post.


danggum it Clap Shitty you shore is a steeeck in da mud.


This story gave me a boner.

Best BBQ in Brooklyn = Fette Sau. They serve whiskey in glass jugs too. Just walking by the place makes me start to drool.


This story gave me a boner.

Best BBQ in Brooklyn = Fette Sau. They serve whiskey in glass jugs too. Just walking by the place makes me start to drool.


I don't understand why you thought the place would not be good because you saw a picture of Guy Fieri (and judging by the spiky bleach-blond haired head of that dude from that food show staring back at me from a poster across the parking lot, it's no mystery where she'd heard about it. Not a good sign.) Umm...Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is pretty much dead on with places that serve amazing food.

Jack Russel

Anyone seen my dog ??

flooring lilburn

I used to be so jealous of bbq places out along the east coast and down south too, but I recently tried a bbq place here in SLC Utah called Smoking Apple. it's so fantastic! Man now I just feel bad that all you guys out there don't have the amazing bbq that I'm so close to here.


I bet you get that BBQ sauce all over your carpet, and have to buy a new one. In Salt Lake, I found the best place to get new carpet.

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