Wow! If it wasn't for the Blade Runner reference I wouldn't have been able to place him. He has changed so much.

rabies babies

so he isn't a film nerd and can't even remember the titles of the films he watches yet he runs a film class? weird.

captain cheesepuff

he's almost too nice to have been roy batty.

comic book guy

This is great, I love Rutger Hauer! But how can you love bladerunner, interview Rutger Hauer and then not ask him about the dove!?

these are two excerpts from a Ridley Scott interview:

Rutger said, "Can I use the dove?" And I said, "It's a bit on the nose, don't you think?" But he was so intense about it I eventually said, "Go for it.

Of course, technically, in that particular world of 2019, there would be no live pigeons there. Everything would be dead

the last quote is funny up against Rutger's answer here:

Also, when the battery of an android dies, it dies. It doesn’t have time left for an entire page of chit-chat


who the fuck is edward hopkins


Speaking of Blade Runner and Dick, I thought this was pretty awessome:


nick martyas

hi it is a good posting . i like it



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I was about to offer you a high five, move my hand before you could get to Android Phones, then call you a cry-baby. But then my supressed childhood memories of veiwing "Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County" resurfaced. 2945abc45 0422


Went and saw a sneak of Moneyball last night. Here's my abbreviated reeivw:It didn't suck and it got me out of the house and away from my kids for like 2 hours.


I just recently realevuated my career choices (after many years of wanting to be a singer and writer) and after much thinking noticed that i would be a much better actress and comedian. I have always loved being on stage and I am always thinking about acting or making my own films and wnat to get better at what I do. I remember one particular play (out of many lol. I was always prone to dramatics) i did when i was younger and the whole place was packed and I did a GREAT job. It was a lead part and it was so exciting. I'm so happy to finally know what my TRUE calling is in this life and what personality traits and characteristics of myself would be SO much better suited for being on stage acting or making people laugh rather than singing. All that being said I really want to get started with practicing the craft of acting. So does anyone have any tips for someone just starting out? I really like learning at home by myself so i can challenge myself to try to embody the character without the help of a mentor or teacher. Because I like to learn on my own and challenge myself it would be great if someone could suggest some monologues or characters that would be challenging to learn. I'm open to the idea also of taking acting courses or classes. Which is something I'll be doing at college as well. However it'll be tough if i don't have any acting courses in my town so someone can take me so i can take additional classes after school. But I will try to as SOON as possible so i can take courses or get involved with plays and films. Sorry I'm rambling lol. But if anyone can give me any good tips for a beginning actor and also some challenging skits, characters in plays or monologues it would be a huge help to me to get some great tips from other actors and actresses. Thanks for the help if you respond to these questions!


hey bill i think you are doing a great thing here. i have a problem ever since i inasllted vegas movie . i cannot record to dvd discs anywhere on my computer. cd only. is there a way to make this happen since i'm making a movie for sale for dvd not cd. i've tried everything i know. what advice do you have master. thanks wyatt

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