This company used to pray on the dumb, but as long as they keep making original corn ball instead of mock there ok in my book.

The Host

I really want to see some of these, but $18 for a campy, mock film seems a little pricey.


"we're whores first and foremost," it's nice to see they've got their priorities straight.


that is a really quick production time, but then again low quality doesn't call for much.


ive always wondered why these bullshit ones are made. i mean i hardly even want to see the movies they are knocking off, so why the hell would i see these.


Whoa C. Thomas Howell is in that movie?


Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus?! okay, thats officially on my "to watch" list


i've just watched transmorphers. It's amazing.


Eric LaSalle is in Megafault!


awesome interview. i like this guy.

not my real email

AWESOME!!!! you hiring?

jim doggy

wow, Jake Busey.
doesn't surprise


This production company has some balls. Even though their movies are the crappy ones i watch on sunday afternoon on SciFI, they still get my attention. Or as much attention as a 20-something stoner has.

Booger Presley

I just saw that Megafault premiers on October 10th at 8pm Central on the SyFy Channel (why did they change the name?). Can't wait to see that one!

daily comic book covers

it ould be worse

A.J. Haut

well, i was best boy grip on the movie megafault, and david latt is a great guy and woundeful director, and just doing what he loves and making as much money as he can at it. so what? i would do what i wanted to. the allmighty dollar. you would do it to if you had a clue.


All you people who think he's a "cool guy" are idiots. He's a piece of fucking shit who deserves to be murdered in front of his wife and child. I've worked for the Asylum, Vice should interview me about the inhumanity in that company, and the greed of Latt and the other producers.


Yes J.J, your voice of reason has convinced us all.


i loOoOoOoOoOove yoOou jake busey

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