Fuckface McBallsack

Yeah, cause -from what I gather, from this article- you are a fuckhead! People like you are preventing meaningful environmental progress (aswell as progress in practically any other cause that needs urgent attention).. Fuck it, is this shit a test or something?


Never expected protesters to be horse people. Vespa, maybe. Horses, no.


why is it everyone assumes green promoters are hippies with no jobs. granted, there are probably a higher percentage of them than other groups, but still.

random asshole

no offense but if i had a plane i wouldn't want you touching it either.

point guard

Fuckface McBallsack,

Your offensive username and uninspiring insults do nothing to strengthen your credibility or argument. Skip the name calling and go for the jugular next time.

You are also remarkably vague. Feed us some of these causes that require our immediate attention.

Thank you.


I don't really see the point of protesting the Copenhagen climate talk. I mean the idea of the talk is to try and come up with solutios to a very complex and diverse subject that no amount of protesting will ever change. If anything protesting hinders any progress. How can anyone help this situation by being behind bars.

Ballsack McFuckface

Point Guard (a.k.a. Self-righteous Analface),

Does it really matter what my (or your) username is?
Does it really matter how inspiring my "insults" are? Or maybe how credible I seem in a article's comment-section?
I'm not going to explain why I write like I write as it doesn't matter..

Think for a moment.. How many people do you think got inspired to live a greener life, as opposed to people who just had their stereotypes reinforced with the image of most activists as "...hippies with no jobs" and in some cases became slightly more apathetic in terms of ecology, maybe even dismissing it as "just another subject that annoying fucking retards get worked up about"?

Well I'll tell you; it's a fuckload less greener people than annoyed apathetic people. That's for sure..

The planet matters, you don't.

Fuck you.

Ballfuck McSackface

If you really want to change something, stop being a failed Journalist (a.k.a. useless hippie scumbag) and start on your way to become a climate-politician..


yeah, because, you know, all those climate politicans are really making things happen :S

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