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I was about to offer you a high five, move my hand before you could get to it, then call you a cry-baby. But then my supressed childhood memories of veiwing "Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County" resurfaced. 2945abc45 0422


was Jacy & included a name. But the pic innciedt could've happened earlier, maybe around the time RBNS moved to wordpress. My memory's a bit fuzzy on this pic point, sorry. So yes, anyway there was Donkey in the comments & poor widdle Julesie can't comprehend the comment technology. PP then had the AUDACITY to suggest we go into chat & have it out in real time. I didn't see the problem with that, I took it as protecting RBNS & it's commenters, incase things got too crazy in ourquestion & answer session, especially in light of all the recent threats of lol-yers. So during chatgate, PP was a mod. But it was chaos up in thurr. Some commenters were not happy PP took it to chat (although one commenter reported that there were 300 people in the chatroom). They were also upset that PP was too nice to Donkey in chat. They also really did not like that PP tweeted Loren Feldman the news of Julia in ourplayground. Then she made him a mod in chat & they really despised that. And these dissenters were very very vocal. The same people who did not like PP previous to chat were now using chatgate as a way to shun PP, IMO. Sadly it worked. This also caused a rift between PP & JP b/c JP was there as a mod too but he didn't catch any flak for it. I think it upset PP when he didn't stick up for her. Then PP said fuck this shit & flew the coop forever & JP stopped posting on GOMI.The end.P.S. Happy Beefday PP =^x^=


OMG shut the fuck UP already. It's obvuois who this is. You are the only person who cares that much about chat, and the omgyourversionofthetruth campaign. Just drop it! Nobody cares what happened in chat anymore, how it went down, or your personal grudge shit against me for any part I played in it. It's OVER! Why can't you fucking accept that the rest of us want to just move on? Not because I'm trying to hide any truth' you cling to, but because it's just such a tired topic for everyone except you.Yes I'm angry. I'm angry that you keep coming here and dredging this shit up, for a good what, 3 or so hours now? WE GET IT, YOU INVENTED CHAT, ONLY YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, meanwhile the rest of us are bored with this already. Now if you'll excuse me I'm having brunch and shopping with my BFF Julia Allison, and some posts for my own blog to write. I hope you'll be patient when your anonymouse comments don't go through immediately, so try to not hit submit 75 times this round.XOXOXOXO SO BLESSED BUNNY

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