Wow. This sounds like the same crap my mom sends me. I learned the hard way that the best thing to do is hit delete and ignore. If your dad is anything like my mom, there's no point trying to discuss your side of things. He'll either get mad or think he needs to pray for you or both. Leave it be.

Not Even Kidding

RON 2012

Bob Manob

Well said Ron, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. As long as the younger generation keeps a level head we'll be OK. JUst think about when Obama shows real results we can all say, "I told you so." with a smirk on our faces.

Are You Sure You're Not Kidding


lazy eyez killa

i hope some of the religious right starts realizing that healthcare reform is what goes along with their beliefs. not their republican beliefs but their religious beliefs. i saw a bumper sticker once that said "jesus was a liberal." we need more of those on the road.

lazy eyez killa

here we go -


"we can all say, "I told you so." with a smirk on our faces."

yeah, just like we did after the wmds weren't there, right? they will never admit they were wrong. it's always something else.


I don't remember writing Ron a letter...

Q Daniels

JUst think about when Obama shows real results we can all say, "I told you so." with a smirk on our faces.

As if you need some excuse to walk around with a smirk on your faces. I'm curious as to what delightful sequence of events might finally wipe that smirk off.

Mr. Belvedere

ron, you write, by far, the most sensible and articulate column on this site. that said, i should point out that during his two terms in the big round office clinton took the biggest national deficit pre-that man (i refer to him the same way my grandfather used to refer to clinton) and turned it into the largest national surplus in american history. i'm not saying he didn't make some shady smoke filled room deals in his time - and i don't mean getting a few bj's. shit if i was president i'd be getting onto everything that came my way, because, hey, i'm the president, so fuck it. but at least give the guy a little credit. he wasn't nearly the fuck up reagan, nixon, or that man were. shit, he managed to pay off the vietnam debt at least twenty years before most people figured we would. just saying.

Mr. Belvedere

plus the guy managed to keep the peace with a few shady assassinations instead of an oil war to get the guy 'who fucked with my daddy.' i'll take that any day.

To no avail

My dad is to the letter the same. There is no amount of legitimate proof I can show him to counteract his deeply entrenched belief in the far right propaganda of the Republican party. I am the sole liberal in my family being the only poor one who also works in public service and arguments have ruined many family dinners and holidays. Ron is right in suggesting to take the high road and not engage your relatives in political discourse because it only fosters misery and resentment. Trying to change someone's political beliefs is like trying to change water into wine, it takes someone like Jesus to do it.

jonathan hunt

Yo Wolf Gritser, wtf do you know?
And kid, your father sounds like a smart guy, stop fagging out let the knowledge seep in.


Ron, you need to get a few facts straight if you're gonna rant a little: the last 15 presidents created a mess for Obama to clean up? All the way back to Warren G. Harding? Really? Clinton left office with a few billion in SURPLUS, dude. FDR and his New Deal helped save the country. Ike integrated public schools. I mean, the list goes on.

Maybe be a little more accurate: Obama is tackling the deregulation of the American banking industry that took place in the early '80s (Reagan), the healthcare and Social Security that's about to take a shit with the Boomers cashing in now, and don't even get me started on the worst presidency of our generation: Bush, Jr.

Not all of them were bad...just sayin'...

I am right, you are wrong

@ STONER: You obviously need to relax and shut the fuck up. It's a joke, not the Huffington Fucking Post. Asshole.


Fuck that, grow some balls and get into a full fledged shouting match with your dad.. or don't.


If you are going this route: "Fuck that, grow some balls and get into a full fledged shouting match with your dad.. or don't." There is no way it should end with just shouting.


Sorry Ron, but Obama isn't trying to clean up a damn thing. Obama does and says whatever the teleprompter tells him to do, and so far it has told him to:

-continue the bailout looting (787 bil to start)

-expand the war in afghanistan

-renew the patriot act provisions that allow for domestic spying

-blow the shit out of hundreds of pakistani civilians with drone strikes

-increase the budget for the war on terror

-invade somalia (read the news)

-fervently defend the official story of 9/11

This is the true Obama. He is a front man for the looting of the USA, which is obvious if you do your homework. Health Care Reform is the biggest, most corrupt scheme yet, and it will bleed the whole nation dry in return for the worst fucking "medical care" you can dream of.

The USA is not Canada, and they will NEVER provide actual, free, compassionate care to the poor like we do up here. Face facts and look at history. Do not give the parasitic Congress and it's corporate affiliates your support - you will regret it.



wow you sound like every other fucking asshole who watches glenn beck.


Obama has just roved himself to be another useful puppet of the Elite Money Changers. Nothing more.

Also, you said Obama inherited a mess (I agree) and that all the presidents left us with debt (i agree) and that he is trying to fix it (WRONG)! Obama is planning to sink this nation into MORE DEBT than we have ever had before. To the tune of 9 TRILLION dollars. Your great grandchildren will ne paying this tab.


If you like to chat with hey Ron go to Hey_Ron at on tweeter

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