Step one is not using "dough" in the place of "though."


If you're 16 you probably arent smoking enough weed that it would be hard to stop smoking.


at the ripe old age of mid-20s i am beginning to see what parents are talking about. it's all fun and games but they really do want you to be all you can be and i know you think this isn't the case but weed does get in the way of that. i should know. during high school and college i smoked more than i could ever think of smoking today. get your shit done first, if you do everything up to the level of best shit ever, then go ahead and smoke. if your parents are mad after that, then show them your work and if you can prove it doesn't turn you into a slacker piece of shit then you know you're going to have be be more careful about when and where you smoke.


Thousands of kids smoke weed all the time without their parents finding out about it. If you cant pull it of, then you should probably not do it.


oh please. weed isn't hard to quit smoking. just quit. especially when you are in high school. obviously this kid isn't smoking at home. it might be a different story if you're in school and living with potheads but then it's up to your strong will. just quit. shit ain't hard. just don't put the bowl/blunt/joint/bong to your lips. pretty fucking simple.


tell him it was your friends. be vague.

come on, comeon

parents are like snowflakes. mine were strict and i think his are too.


Shit just isn't going to be like it used to with your parents. You're in that phase. It sucks. The good thing is in a few years from now you will be better buds with them than you ever were before and you can talk about grown-up shit and smoke to your heart's content if you still are into it. Patience is a virtue. Until then, have fun and don't become a stoner loser asshole and shit will work out just fine.


The first time I smoked weed was with my dad. He showed me how to turn the joint around ("Careful, don't burn your tongue.") and blow the smoke into a frozen mug through the hole in the middle of a CD, so that the smoke sinks and swirls like a liquid. Then you just tip it back and drink it, no smoke wasted. Nice one, dad. At the time he was the mayor of my town, and our dining room is surrounded by windows that look out to the street, so I was pretty nervous. But he was totally high. Some of my friends came over and he invited all of them in but Stephen, the fat kid, who my dad said was "a narc" and had to wait in the back yard by the shed until we were done.


I haven't done the cold mug trick in years. Actually, I had forgotten about it. Thanks.


we used to call that a milkshake.


what he needed was an older brother getting him unbelievably high at ten years old, then take him to an auto parts store. that is true education.


the name"hey ron" sounds like the way black people say "heroin." :Like, "I gotta get me some motherfuckin hey-ron!"


hey ron, sixteen is in no way too early to start smoking weed. if anything this kid got caught (and is now bitching on the internet) because hes the kind of kid who didnt start smoking untilhe was sixteen. either a nerd or a little bitch.


let the kid smoke if he wants to, hes just gotta recognise when his consumption levels are slowing him down or dulling his mind, or else he'll keep headin down into that shitty stoner wasteland. manage your consumption, know when to back off and let your mind recover a bit. And as for pops, he'll get over it, just dont rub it in his face. Never heard of the cold mug trick, guess im putting one in the freezer when i get home


What is this shit? When the fuck did vice get all after school special on me?

Just tell your dad to stay outta you coke stash. The white stuff is a butt load more expensive than even the stinkiest weed.


You must get bust doing hard drugs first, so that when they catch you smoking reefer then they like, thank god!


@ TC: Try to keep up, it's only the hottest blog column on the internet right now. If you want fart and dick jokes, there are plenty of other sites out there for you.


Since weed is a trash drug, maybe your dad is just trying to prevent you from being trash.

bean pate

@Jetpack: And what, pray tell, is not a trash drug? Coke? Meth? Ecstasy? Uh...


Come on man, $40 worth of weed? When i was 16 i gave $40 bags to cute girls for free. Get yourself some good grades and a cut girlfriend and bring both of those around the house. Then your dad will ease up on the weed smoke.


Are we talking about Mary Jane here?


popewatchnow.wordpress.com is awesome


btw, I'm the person who wrote to hey ron... which is me, is A GIRL. I don't know why ron assumed I'm a boy.


If you like to chat with hey Ron go to Hey_Ron at on tweeter

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