Uh... yeah. But if she's flirting with girls... hot girls, then I saw flirt away.


maybe she just wants you to pay more attention to her. I used to flirt with people whenever I thought my boyfriend was being negligent. fuck, girls are so crazy.


is it just me or does ron look like an oriental dungeon master in that shot?


pollypocket is right. and if she's flirting she could be ready to go, so get her home and naked.

Pickle Smoocher

If she's an idiot this advice should work well. Telling her it isn't an ultimatum doesn't change the fact that it is.

Richard Nixon

Encourage her flirting with other guys, and if you see that she's willing to go further than you're comfortable with, then drop the ball. But if she stops and checks herself, you're fine.


The word "flirting" is stupid. First you and your lady should decide if you have the same definition of the word and then decide TOGETHER how to keep you BOTH happy. DUH

you funny

This is the best part of my web-week.


fuck yes i love hey ron!


Once again, Ron comes through with some indelible words of wisdom. He's like the older brother i never had, dishing out great advice so i don't get played like a sucker.


I want Ron to adopt me...

Bob Manob

Ron has been keeping it real since the beginning of HEY RON! Now I can go about my day with a smile on my face.

Wes Abi

I have totally been in the same situation and it didnt end well. If shes not respecting you, walk away. If when she goes out and has a few drinks she pays more attention to other people and then switches back to paying attention to you when you're alone, shes just into you because its convienient. That was my experience anyway.

Bob Manob

Hit on every hot piece of ass when you're with her that's standing around. Show her you don't give a fuck and she'll eventually be tied around your waist.


im not trying to hate on "hey ron", but if ur girl is getting drunk and flirting w/ dudes you have a problem. She def knows what shes doing, and even worse knows that you know. I would go with Richard NIxons answer and push her to see what she does


If you like to chat with hey Ron go to Hey_Ron at on tweeter

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