karl von wangstein

ha. fedora convention.


toronto sucks


Toronto sucks! well, they're a hot girls so it aint bad. And the Hammer is paradise compared to the actual armpit of Canada: Windsor, Ontario.


ft sucks...

Purple Peeter

Your feed isn't working and that's annoying. This happens like once every three months. Get your shit together.


Canada is to the US as NZ is to Australia, I've been arguing this point for years. They're both the sensitive awkward high school dork to the US and Australia's senior quarterback that never does homework and gets A's.


I heart NZ & Veronica Sawyer.

Pete Sampras

fuck nz and canada. abu dabhi for me


NZ is where i grew up, but over here in france its better.
never been to canada, but seems pretty cool.
still, miss empty beaches and 10 dollar texting.
come to france for alcohol, you can buy vodka all through the night, its sold in dairies, supermarkets, and all other small shops, and you can get drinkable bottles of wine for less than 2 euro.
and you can drinj anywhere.
none of them like my kind of music though (except maybe in paris)
they all like bob marley and spanish music. or daft punk and birdie nam nam, which isnt that bad, but they arent very eclectic.

des irea

NZ sucks
The only people left are the eldery and crim's who can't leave
Thats why half the population lives in Australia or anywhere else in the world that will give them a visa


Thanks for this! I am an Aucklander living in Vancouver (quite far away from you I know!) but that was so funny about the yeast extract - I finally found some Marmite in the supermarket and no one will come near me when I'm eating it. And don't get me started on the grid.... Plus, Jackson Triggs is the house wine everywhere, I'd even settle for some Corbans right now. Good luck with your travels, I think Canada is absolutely awesome, so happy here, but a day at Piha would be lovely :)

jake (the muss)

The difference between Canada and NZ and their supposed 'big brothers' is that NZ is able to outshine Australia on many bases, whereas Canada cannot. Pork


If you are planning to go to Vancouver Canada in winter then I recommend getting a lot of happy pills. The rain and lack of sunshine just makes you down in the dumps.

Cure Panic Attacks

thats right Canada is to the United States as NZ is to Australia "kiwi to kangru"


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Very interesting post. Finally I think that Canadians are almost the same with New Zealanders and Australians too.


BLAP BLAP BALP BALP!!!!!!!!!!This shit is CRAZY!!!!Never FU*$#^ed with Classified b4 But This shit is BIG!!!Other then the fact that you forgot to show a TRUE ctruulal reflection of the nation in this video (Where are all my Somalis, Africans, Blacks, Asians, etc) this video, the concept, the lyrics, the beat (STUPID!), made me feel really proud to be canadian.You can make up the oversight on a remix with K'naan, Kardi, Drake, and Shaun Boothe.BIG UPS to Poutine!1LoveCA


We are from Kanata, Ontario. We moved here in 1995, having taken early reniremett, and we have never regretted it. Great place and great people who took us into their hearts very quickly. Canadians are considered something special to French people. Our French is far better than when we arrived!I agree with the need to get a driver's licence from Quebec or Saskatchewan; simple to do with advice.We are very happy to help others settle here too from Canada. Do put us in touch with David and Kathy please; and with Pam. we are happy to take telephone calls also at 33 5 65 21 20 07.Richard


If they are a minority and need the Bloc to form the goevenmrnt then no. The Bloc is pretty heavily left-wing, as far as I know, they were the only party not to have a single MP vote against the party line. So if the Bloc and Conservatives for a coalition, this legislation will be safe.Even if the Conservatives won a majority next January/February (which I think is quite unlikely) I think they'd have a hard time getting a repeal through. I don't think they'd want to do anything that would piss off the majority of Canadians after finally gaining power some 15 years after their last taste of power.

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