"Only YOU can prevent Obamacare!"

Sometimes they don't know just how comedic they are, do they?


Thank God my grandmammy isn't like any of these greedy dustbags. She's very thankful for what she's got and is confident in Obama and his plans for health care reform. She also cannot wait till medicinal marijuana is provided country-wide.

Kid Viscous

Do any of these protesters realize being pro-Medicare but anti-Obamacare is a tad hypocritical?


"He sounded like Beavis at a super church."

"He sounded like Beavis watching a porn."



The author is an idoit. This is abosultely biased without once ounce of objective perspective.

gregarious greg

if these Americans are so hard-working, why aren't they hard at work instead of protesting?

julia iglesias

thanks for the laffs Stampedem.


Greedy? Are you fucking serious? Because people want what they work for? Total liberal TRASH!


Oh fuck off. This isn't "fair and balanced," whatever that means these days.

Purple Peeter

Who's editing this? It Could have been a decent article.


These people are frightening. It wouldn't be that bad if they had valid arguments but I feel the majority of them are just repeating drivel they hear elsewhere..

Oh, and underlying racism is a motherfucker.


This is a fucking terrible article.

And if you think Obama has anything to do with ANY policies being enacted within or outside of the US border, then you are a fool.

Read some facts and do some research before you spew this dismissive nonsense.

p.s. Most geezers are racist. The whole fucking country was racist when they were kids.

One-sided, idiotic, self-congratulatory garbage.


The article and magazine make no claim to be fair or balanced or objective. In fact most everything in the magazine isn't objective. If you want objective reporting, you are reading the wrong magazine.


When you're reviewing purchases of street cocaine, no objectivity is required. This is different.

Vice has no problem getting all serious but as soon as they have to tackle an issue which involves multiple, uncomforatble perspectives, they say 'fuck it' and drop back to some juvenile name calling bullshit.

Brown Scare

Remember when you could read an article in Vice about politics and it would at least be funny, and usually insightful with unconventional viewpoints?

Now little babies who sniff Janine Garafolo's farts write articles about how you're a redneck mongoloid if you don't uncritically accept everything the president does. Did we mention you're racist?

I'm not looking for objectivity, but i'd also appreciate some content that's not written by 2-digit IQer's who love the government, thanks.

It's almost as if the guy who used to write those articles left or had a lobotomy or something.


ha ha you're right! Those old people are totally lame. They aren't even dressed cool! You are so much better than the average person. Man, they are sooooo lame actually caring about something like that. Thanks Vice for giving me a real reason to support Obama now that my Hope poster was starting to seem a bit shallow.


Notice all the comments criticisning this article are just cynical rants without any real substance?

Try actually coming up with a logical fucking argument and people might consider taking your opinions seriously.


"It was also a fight between the young and the old, between the giant, aging Baby Boomer generation and the rest of us."

Your wrong and are truly overestimating the liberal tendeicies of young people. As Obama continues his progressive projects the young people will start to wake up and learn that the "best government is one that governs least".

In a few years when government is in all aspects of our life the very same kids who voted for Obama will realize that we dont want the government in our bank accounts or bedrooms.

Its already starting(im from Texas the leader of libertarian republican ideas)and can very clearly see the hostility young people, of all races and social classes, have toward a president putting the nation in monumental debt and having the government control most things in our lives.

Obama and Ron Paul are on totally different ends of the spectrum and if any young person were to read the party ideas of both the would undoubtedly choose Ron Paul's free market ideas.


Fact check: The Baby Boomers are not "the greatest generation." Tom Brokaw gave the generation of people who fought World War II that title.

These people will never change. It will take multiple generations and probably a few more black presidents before all these ignoramuses stop "channeling Reagan's soul" as you described so aptly.

c blood

wtf is with all these hipster "patriot" freaks who read vice magazine and pray that the us won't get the kind of normal and guaranteed healthcare stuff that the rest of the world enjoys and would never give up?

ps - i also have seen these hordes close up... it's not "name calling," it's pure descriptive journalism.

don't know about the ending though... "it's not really an issue of what's the best system, it's really... SUPRISE, OLD vs YOUNG!"

totally bogus... there's enough $ for trillions in war then there's enough for medicines and fair doctor salaries. since decent medical care increases the value of "human capital" (not to mention the quality of life) the govt could even just grant that money into existence and it still wouldn't even necessarily be inflationary.


too many humans, not enough resources, time to begin to purifying culls.


who comes and reads vice for objectivity? are you guys morons? of course this article is biased but that doesn't mean it is untrue or stupid. The author is telling an experience in a town-hall with perspective. God you are not even complaining about the stuff on healthcare, you are complaining about how the article was written!!! Yes we are all going to die. It is the end of the world, rapture, rapture!! ahhhhh mommy!
god is humanity stupid. Some people just devolve. Go pray and masturbate. This is VICE MAGAZINE not TIME OR NEWSWEEK.

ali baba

damm if obama really ran over a grandmother were never gonna have another black president again

ali baba

if obama really ran over a grandmother were never gonna have a black president again.


lulz repug trolls on vice. Har, seriously people, single payer now. Dissolve all insurance mafias tomorrow.

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