Being an aging, flourescent crust hippie without the drugs is like being a dickless Rick James.


i don't know if i believe the no drugs thing.


damn he looks just like Manson in that black and white


im looking at a ganja poster in his office, this guy loves the pot.
more likely permanently high, perma-dosed off some dark amber-brown liquid he got at a Rainbow gathering in 72. expat in Amsterdam though, well done.


whoa. blacklights sober is like watching porn and not beating it. no point.


nice sleuthing. that's definitely a pot leaf sticker.


i disagree. he lives in a glow dome.


I'm guessing the "no hippie" and "doesn't like drugs" is a very bad attempt at sarcasm. I find that sarcasm doesn't translate well when written.


it doesnt at all, sadly it sounds like the truth jono


this is amazing! what if you could dump your wasted friends here after a late night and then record their reactions when they wake up in a basement of fluorescent glitter.


This should be optioned as a new roller coaster ride at every theme park ever.


all disgasting .how

Acai Berry Detox


this reminds me of the shitty ghost train at the pleasure beach in brtians most loved shit infested sea side resort blackpool!

richard boyd-dunlop

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Gregor Mendez

I think his middle name is LSD

Nick Padalino

What I said to the Interviewers was that I Did Not want them to WRITE ABOUT Drugs, that's all!!

Not a clone

Hey retards this interview was about an ART MUSEUM...I will say it slower for u all A..R..T....M..U..S..E..U..M. If u ever leave ur boring 9 to 5 jobs u should go inside one one day & see how people w/brains who are not clones live.

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I think his middle name is LSD

 Los Angeles Movers

just back lights is amazing

iso in photography

I wish I had known about this while I was in amsterdam would have been as fun as the torture museum or sex museum

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In a World that can be sometimes boring and bland, a touch of eccentricity can be so inspiring! Bring it on more madness please :)


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THE ELECTRIC LADYLAND WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAD IN ALL OF AMSTERDAM! I can't stop raving about this place. I learned alot from the Museum and even took home a piece of Nick Paladino's art. He uses colors I've never seen in black light art, come to find out even makes his own paints! I didn't meet him but I met his soulmate Michele and she is amazing!
He made a great place for all of us to view and experience. Thank you for sharing! I'll never forget my experience!

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