that sounds like satan has strep throat.


He has a wonderful metal bass face. You kind of need that male-having-a-baby thing working for you.


he looks a lot calmer at the bar, that's for sure.


This guy looks just as crazy without the Gorgoroth demonic face make-up. That Immortalm songs is pretty sweet as well.

table pads

I haven't heard of Krakow show before, i hope he did well in his performance, from those believing there is a separate, conscious being out there independent of humankind - what would you see replacing the whole god thing? From those who are atheist, what sort of vehicle(s) do you think would take the place of religions in terms of moral, ethical instruction, expression of Life, of the intangible feelings of "something bigger than the individual" and of the sense of wonder at being alive and self-aware?


Apollyon was rhythm guitarist at Krakow with Gorgoroth, not bassist! The bassist was King ov Hell. Awesome DVD, you must check it out!


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