i hope i never go to an emergency room where a cut-off finger is a seven hour wait. makes you wonder what the more serious injuries are.


hospitals gross me out. er's in particular.


figures everyone in an irish hospital would be drunk

no go on the er

glad you had fun, but no thanks.

mungo jerry

gag-inducingly smug writing.


i thought that was pretty good.

i liked this paragraph:

"John Paul decides to not get the stitches done again and goes home with the canary girl. Ahmed sits in a corner and goes asleep with his hand over his head. One of the homeless guys has found a copy of a John Le Carré novel. As we leave he clears his throat as if to spit then shoots a long stream of puke right across the centre pages. He wipes the page clean with his sleeve and keeps on reading."


I think this article is mostly bullshit

UK Hotels

I went on holiday for three months with a friend, when we where in our early 20s and eventually after many 'no I don't want to do that' situations ended up fighting in a tent one night (can't now remember what over) - a German boy poked his head in and got an earful.


You poor thing.
Spking of holiday, theres a load of celebs giving away postcards at



The hospital is probably the last place on earth I'd want to be in anytime - no matter how great the service are. I just want to be "away" from the hospital. Now, if the hospital is going to be this scary, please just let me stay at home and let my Mom take care of my wounds. She's the best caretaker I know, by the way.

Tom Aker

This doesn't sound realistic

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