Everyone I know that has seen MBV live has said the same thing. You'll never know what it's like until you see them live. Unfortunately, I've yet to experience it.

yes to grizz bear

am i the only one that finds antony's voice horribly annoying? too much vibrato. he's talented for sure but it's so overdone. not for me.


grizzly bear is a great band, live and on record.

Purple Peeter

you're Joe Schmoe and you suck.


I'm so excited to see Grizzly Bear on new years

Biggety B

Was that some electricity coming from MBV's kick drum? BTW the only thing that sucks worse than concerts is handheld video of concerts.


True, but all of the vocal parts for his songs are built around that vibrato. That's why they're impossible to cover. And it kind of makes them unique blah blah blah etc. Can't believe Vice would ever talk so highly about indie music, usually it's muted praise at best.

dog tha bounty bunter

My Bloody Valentine? Really? Who the fuck are you guys? Did you cut yourself in your tent after the concert? Did your eyeliner run? Am I a fucking question machine?


dear dog tha bounty hunter:
my bloody valentine is not an emo band, sorry.


yeah for real that is a retarded comment. my bloody valentine doesn't fit the demographic of people you are describing at all. it is also one that shows an alarming lack of pop culture sense. watch out because you are going to get a hippness-police notice in the mail about this.

runny paint

my bloody valentine are almost as overated as your bloody beatles


Music festivals are pretty sweet, if there are more than 3 bands playing. This one seemed to be pretty awesome. Only complaint is the high price of food and drinks. Also, taking a piss in a port-o-potty can be way brutal.


i meant to say 3 GOOD bands playing


umm not liking concerts is for idiots. a band is only as good as its live show.


Antony is fine. I wonder if dog tha bounty bunter is maybe confusing MBV with a different band?


How can someone not like concerts? Must be some really shitty bands you listen to

nancy @ princetoncryo LLC

I feel many bands get their first exposure through these festivals and their participation must be encouraged.


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