eat a peach

suck it, disney


Walt was a pretty cool dude but all his descendents have sucked dick.


cinderella's castle it neat in person but for a model you definitely should have done spaceship earth instead.

hello food baby

'Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World' by
Carl Hiaasen is a great little read on the evils of Disney.


Are they going to give Raimi another shot at fucking up Spiderman?


Hahahaha... nerds.


i still don't understand why teenagers like to go on dates to disneyland. dumb.


Shorter Gazin: 'Oh, noes! Not pappa Disney!'

I don't like comics or Disneyland, but reading this post reads like a 2yo throwing a tanty because their fucking pacifier fell out of their mouth. Yeah, you keep sucking the infantalising dick of the US cultural industry, Gazin.

Fucking Disneyland! lol


you are all on crack.

marvel is marvel but shall be no more.

Maurice DeGuidice

Disneyworld is bullshit!
Wow a fake fucking castle!
Oooh, look at the perfection of design, otherwise known as wholly integrated branding!
It's so intricate. I like my fairytales and childhood memories manufactured by a Jew hating asshole!
YOu are such a fucking pussy!
You are right about marvel though!


Those videogames are gonna be weird. Pluto whacking the shit out of Dr. Doom with his tail


"reading this post reads like a 2yo throwing a tanty"

interesting, because reading the word "tanty" reads like the cover of Catcher in the Rye to Mark David Chapman.

i get it

i have drawn all my life. i must say i draw pretty well now that i'm 29. growing up i expected to one day draw for Disney. they were such an inescapable juggernaut of cartooning to me as a child. when i finally visited Disney World in 1988 i was bored out of my mind. sure there was no trash lying around and the place was pristine, but the illusion was NOT there, and this was a problem. all i saw was a bigger version of fake castles and gardens than were in any local amusement park.
Disney has maintained being a business machine. it makes sense they would buy Marvel. it will all be successful and boring for a while and everyone will just get used to it.


disneyworld isn't disneyland numbnuts. the former has maybe a tenth of the goth and latino quotients as the latter.


iirc universal has a monopoly on all marvel rides "east of the mississippi" as long as they have one marvel ride like the hulk or something.

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I can't even imagine a world of fiction without Marvel comics, its so unreal.

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I don't that Marvel comics is dead because its has a well known reputation and has lots of followers.

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I love all comics but Marvel’s best work is long behind them and I couldn’t give less than a shit about the future of the company.

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