If a majority of the population is living around the poverty line then this doesn't surprise me. Poor people eat fast food.

ill have a panda to go.

what in the world is a panda express? panda burgers? panda nuggets. i dont think chi chi would be too happy about this.


i had never really thought about mcd's being a real estate company but its so obvious now that i cant believe i missed it.

taking over

thats pretty shocking that the ratio of mcdonalds is higher in victorville than in La. but if it is for real estate why so many in such a crappy area?

gregarious greg

why do 'poor people eat fast food'? that shit isn't cheap. six dollars for a meal, plus gas. a can of beans a a bag of rice costs less and will last days.


panda express is delicious delicious chinese food! DUH!

Jimmy Jam

I hope those people don't move to Texas. We have enough of this kind of thing...


90% of mcdonalds income is real estate! this franchise has boomed during the recession, the main winner. we the consumer are the overweight suckers.


"what in the world is a panda express? panda burgers? panda nuggets. i dont think chi chi would be too happy about this."

Are you from Europe or just somebody who's never stepped foot inside of a shopping mall or airport?


haha, sonic's is "lesser known"...maybe if you aren't from the south.


You should read this new book called Fast Food Nation.

Fresh food

Panda Express is a Toxic poison retarded fat kids and mindless social zombies eat to keep them from producing new neurons and thus, buying their shitty food. - just look at the intelligence radiating from it's consumers. "panda express is delicious delicious chinese food! DUH"! The only thing Chinese about this sludge is the fact its made from Cats and Mice found in the trash of Chinese dumpsters.

yasha i like your stuff but this is lame

yasha you're a nut and fun to read. but why the fuck did you use a picture of downtown los angeles - figueroa blvd just north of adams? did you go to usc or visit and take that pic or is it just stock photography and you're kind of lazy? the grinder isn't even fast food!

anywho, i look forward to your next post but this one is pretty weak. victorville has a lot of those fast food restaurants because it is a pit stop on the highway to vegas. there aren't as many mcdonald's in los angeles because population density means more business is done in fewer stores/there are more alternatives to mcdonald's. and if you care to revisit adams and fig i guarantee you'll find a bigger line outside of chano's taco stand than you will inside mcdonald's.

i get that you zazz up the persecution angle for the sheltered new yorkers to be amazed at but please, don't let those evil chicken mcnuggets keep you from sleeping at night.

fattin' it

lookie at what i found:

McDonald’s is offering free medium fries and free drink with the purchase of an Angus third pounder. It is about the only fast food place seeing an increase in sales.

On Monday McDonald’s released a report showing a 4.3 percent increase in same-store sales boosted by a huge promotion of new coffee drinks.



only three KFC?! maaaan those people really have noooo idea about good food!


Ninja please, KFC is gross.

I like these posts Mr. Levine, keep the updates from hell coming.

.pho queen

i like jumbo jacks with poppers and onion rings

ah, I feel a dramatic, foppish spell coming on...just the thought of all that dimpled, white mashed potato-flesh strapped down with cheap denim in queue after queue......
(no seriously, I know this comes of as sarcasm but I'm genuinely sick at the thought of so much fast food)


6 DelTacos? I've never been to a DelTaco, because I don't think they exist here on the east coast. I saw them all over near Vegas, though. Heard it's nasty.


smart article.. really makes me want ot give up on fast food, and when i do get it makes me regret it... honestly no matter how much it sucks, is there anyting we can do?
thats a question


I want to move to Victorville and get a trashy stripper GF. That's what it's all about..

ali baba

people eat mcdonalds beacause they want to and they think it tates good and its affordable + fast which is what america is based on


I've never tried Five Guys and only had In-N-Out once in Tucson. To me McDonald's burgers taste like goo that has been femord into a burger shape. In fact, I can't eat McD, B.K. or Wendy's w/o feeling nauseas after.Charlie's is still my first choice for a burger. Kincaid's isn't far behind.

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