It's cool that grandparents are in on the protesting. Mine sit around watching Murder She Wrote replays and eating cucumbers sandwiches.


what the fuck! they're beating the shit out of her!


hmm. the moms ride IN the stroller? park slope would be a fucking mess.

charlie evans

political theater is gay.

.pho queen

hahahaah that guy with a beer is funny. he's all like, 'fuck this shit, im gonna get drunk now'!


it's not a government problem
danish people are racist nationalists
look at them
they're just too happy to realize it


Apparently morons with anger-management issues get to be cops everywhere =)


That guy with the sign and the beer is my hero.


Same-day efficiency, Danes know how to demonstrate.


The cops weren't wearing riot gear in the church, they were wearing short sleeved shirts. If that girl didn't want to get hit then she should have moved when she was told to. She was interviewed on the news later on the next day where she said that she expected to be carried away, thats stupid, she shouldn't complain because she didn't get a princess bed made available to her either. Plus, she has been convicted of assaulting a police officer before. This article/blog, whatever it is, is stupid. The writer is super biased.


I lived in Denmark last summer, and had seitudd it extensively before I went there, and actually wrote my thesis on their lack of institutionalized religion as being the tie to happiness. The reason for that is that within Denmark, equality and spirit is key, which leads to equal respect of all races/genders. Men get paid parental leave, and share equally in housework, child rearing, and women are expected to do work they love. Higher education on birth-control, women-friendly medicine and body respect is tantamount. In the us, the institution of religion really discourages equality of women, and instead encourages consumption. It creates imbalances and abuse. Also the majority ride their bike everyday and are more grounded in who they are as people, and less about the rat race. NY times just came out with an article linking institutional and marital equality to happiness- among all genders and races common sense.

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