eat a peach

so, wait, did you fuck him or what?


yeah Im getting definite "and then we fucked" vibes.


foreskin-ripping sex. damn.


I mean, those pictures appear to be taken at his house. Which means she went home with him....and they fucked


Looks like he could use some Sharpie touch-ups on the Black Flag tattoo.


so, how big was his cock?


is it just me or does this man have an extremely long torso? like, abnormally long?


best. tats. ever.


Maybe he insisted on the helmet because he knew you were going to be an insensitive asshole about his receding hairline.

Not a full blooded Jew, but Jew-ish

Foreskin ripping sucks. I became "Jew-ish" at the tender age of 22 because of it. Great blog though, I LOL'd at the pregger tattoo comment.

PS: Scratch Acid is the shiite.

molly freckles

what makes you think you're the one?


einsturzende neubauten. look it up.


Ripped the skin off his dick, huh? That wouldn't have happened if his diet didn't consist of ham sandwiches and chocolate cake.


So, she had sex with him - unless of course he's the one guy on earth who houses and feeds American girls for conversation. He may not be my favorite Croatian, but at least I didn't get naked with him. Repeatedly. I guess she couldn't get over the fact that he only wanted to get laid. And after sitting around lonely and obsessing over him, she even wrote a blog about it.

Hana May

Hallie would never fuck a 'hood. Just saying...


Vice readers certainly seem obsessed with fucking. Looks like he was just a nice Croatian guy who lives in Italy, rides a bike with no seat, stands up for his home country and eats strange food. Who knew that a simple human interest story involving travel could arouse such thoughts of fucking? Especially Elsie, who obviously has some serious issues. Maybe she is fat. Why would a beautiful young American chick traveling around Europe who could have anybody want to fuck Ivan? Just saying.....


So, ADot, I take it you know Hallie, or it could easily be assumed that the reason she DIDN'T fuck him is because she's morbidly obese and wouldn't fit in his miniscule European bed purchased at IKEA.


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Your tattos are kind of weird but pretty cool, and your story it's weird too, but thanks for sharing this with us. Always is nice to heard some different stories from people.

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ha ha ha hilarious. and also he look gorgeous, really its a shame that we are so far away, he is s handsome. and also I have the same tattoo on my arm

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I don't know who Jay Donahue is either and I'm usually knowledgeable on this region. It is interesting to see the ticket-splitting people in this area have done.


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