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I don't think he's God but I do think he's a lot cooler than David Koresh, so he's got that going for him.

hi fructose

great! god's a hippie. just what i needed to find out. there goes my chances of ever getting into heaven.


it seems like his friends/ fellow squatters just have him around to laugh at him.


i bet MI6 tortured him until he went nuts.


i'll support the magic hat.

lazy eyez killa

this is enough to make me rethink my support of marijuana legalization.

Dolores Kane

The article doesn't emtnion that the French authorities freed me because my offence was political or that I blew the whistle on Mi6 funding Al Qaeda or that there is no reliable evidenc eof planes being used on 9/11 or that I went through one of the unfairest trials in English history or that you do not have to pay your mortgage under the Law or any other number of things that might empower people or that we were unlawfully evicted from our homes, which were burnt while our crops were destroyed.
The intelligent may want to read more about how we can save the world in four months, feeding the 800 million starving adn ending our dependence on fossil fuels...
See www.tytingcommunityproject.org.uk


Having known David for a bit now and being one of his "friends" I certainly don't keep him around just to laugh at!. He is one of the most loving and warm hearted people I have ever come across. He has made an impact on my life for which I will always be grateful. He has and still is teaching me how to be happy within my self. I have nothing but respect and love for this guy. Even if you don't believe he is the Messiah you should still find the time to listen to what this very intelligent guy has to say.


The girl claiming she can't prove David ISN'T the messiah so she'll believe he is until proved otherwise is using false logic. You can't prove a negative. I can't prove there isn't a teapot orbiting the sun between Mercury and Venus, so I'll just believe there is one there until someone proves otherwise. That kind of thing doesn't work for people interested in truth and reality.

I'm all for teaching about love and self respect. That stuff is all excellent. But you don't have to believe you are the Messiah to do it (or that it is the messiah teaching you). We all have infinite love inside of us and the ability to show each other and teach each other about it. Delusion, however, is never helpful.
I hope these guys don't get too devoted to the idea that David is something he is not. At best they'll be extremely disappointed. At worst they could get completely brainwashed (I'm not saying that's his intention or anything, but charismatic people can often inspire blind devotion).
I have no problem with their lifestyle. Squat away. Grow your own food. Love each other. But think critically as well. Open the doors of perception but don't get lost in what you might find there. It's not all true and it's not all real.


If Shayler is the messiah, I'm switching religions.


Shayler, where are you now? We need your wisdom. Get back on the web. We are all waiting.......

Charles Venus

The Royal Family also claim that God has given them divinity and that's how they are where they are today. Rich and dumb as fuck. Are they schizophrenic to believe that god has given them a divine right to rule over their SUBJECTS? Charles Darwin is on the back of the £10 note... Isn't he the Atheist's poster boy? If everybody stops believing in god, does that mean that the royal family loose all their power? This english (german) royal family, are the same family who caused the Irish Holocaust of 1850. Don't trust these messiah and divine rights assholes. If there is a god, then we're all children of him or her or it. Shayler is ex-MI6... he was sucking the queens balls for years. Maybe he's doing this to discredit his own work on purpose? I dunno, it's all so dodgy. All's I know is that 9/11 stirred a lot of shit and building 7 fell into it's own footprint, the bbc reported this 20 minutes before it happened, and now 1.3 Million Iraqi civilians are dead. Powerful politicians like Tony Blair are mass murderers and should be in PRISON! We're clever enough to stop fighting for these rich fucks and start to take out countries and heritage back. We need to hold onto diversity, it's the spice of life. I am actually the new Messiah, Shayler's only in it for the money, the english cunt.


Like other healthy skin care merchandise, the crucial part to bear in mind even though choosing an eye solution is the fact that marketing and advertising does not produce the product or service, even so the compounds do. Until recently you have never granted a great deal shown to employing anti-aging eye cream.

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Generally, seven several hours of sleep is recommended each night. Skin treatment organizations, especially the big manufacturers, commit a small fortune on promotion and employ another hyperbole in english simple to let you know that great a few are.

Noticeable balms are inclined to consist of herbs which might be absorbed into the skin. What Are Ingredients That Needs To Be Inside My Eyesight Anti Wrinkle Cream?

Wash. Try using grape petrol.

You simply will not feel embarrassed and you will be genuine. In the event you yank your eyelid dermis tight but it exposes purple-blue arteries directly below than you will have a true dim group of friends. The product is usually designed to detract skin problems such as crows feet, dry skin and bad-tempered skin pores inside of a small amount of time. If you possibly could consider any strategy to the facial lines in the place under a person's spot, then this Revitol Eye Cream is right for you. Like: valine, keratin, tryptophan and tetra-peptide 7.

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I only allow for myself personally some banned elements on uncommon events. Something less than which is a actual waste material of your hard earned money. Ensure, and if all else is not able check that features a health-care professional to secure a skilled thoughts and opinions. This is fantastic for handling it, specifically.

An anti --growing old skin color products have a tremendous variety of functions and many take care of particular skin challenges, nevertheless some others are designed for additional simple use. There is however no harm in testing balms to determine if they have any effect on your shape, even so small. Near the glass windows. The next few paragraphs can provide the on the inside tricks regarding how to determine the best anti-aging solutions for you on the list of scores of wrinkle cream vision testimonials.

Folks usually confuse racoon eyes, with swollen eye, and that is improper, as the two of these are two several situations altogether! As there are the decline of weight under the interest, which opens up the actual to bags creating. Ideal or maybe the finest vision ointments incorporate a lot more compounds than product. Using a cool decrease next to the interest may well provide short-term relief as cold conditions contracts the bloodstream, which will ceases the stream of liquid and cuts down swellings.

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These then include the components you should be in search of from the very best eye cream for swelling and dark circles. So your skill is apply some cure which could ease off its visual appeal. The most beneficial anti aging eye cream ought to incorporate Haloxyl that could get rid of these dark circles. The Dermajuv Attention Perfection can be a two portion process. There are several observation creams which can be frequenting the wonder section inside the market and it's all challenging to choose the one that gives you the outcomes which you are required.

It is necessary to pay attention to the real difference in between Anti-aging eye cream and any other everyday wrinkle cream. For eyes, purchase a excellent observation anti wrinkle cream consisting of SPF, between other compounds. You don't have to get high priced products which will not surpass their pledges now that you've got the proper knowledge.

So, it will always be recommended that you really should review eyes treatments before choosing a single. Shiny heated sunlight inside Mediterranean and beyond, pain in the mineral water, distribute the horizon of the virgin mobile natrual enviroment in one on one, brisk progress using an wonderful climber??

An especially-wealthy era-protection eye cream that guards pores and skin from lack of fluids and substantially minimizes the appearance of creases and lines to encourage a youthfully even, radiant seem. Some behavior of formulation may require a couple of weeks so continue being client. They should cool and invigorate the eye area, reducing those hand bags. Any Meaningful Splendor end users are advised to build their very own skin treatment program including a number of items directed at different body parts.

Obtaining out everything you need is extremely important when choosing the belongings in something. Another way of reducing the under-crows feet is that you can steer clear of too much sun exposure. Elements like proteins and acid hyaluronic can correctly penetrate in to the pores and skin, where by they then interrelate with dwelling skin cells to result obvious amendment alter. K Vitamin lack of might cause serious observation puffiness and dark circles under eyes. To make a comparison among anti-wrinkle observation balms, you have to know some substances that come powerful instead of harmful on your pores and skin.

Eyeliss TM - it is a particular element utilized for skin around the eyes. Read more about beauty care products at Organic Beauty Attention Web site. The ultimate way to buy an anti-wrinkle eye cream would be to homework it first (like you're undertaking now). If you would like dispose of crows feet, you will be definitely thinking about locating the best eye wrinkle cream, suitable?

Its known as by some as among the finest eyes treatments you could find since it reveals signs of effectiveness very quickly. You could possibly not be able to fully stop them and you could certainly slow it down and minimize. To accomplish this, a means should be applied that should cut down those facial lines, fine lines, puffiness and under eye circles that appear in the area of the eyes. Chronic observation rubbing can for good harm your skin layer areas.

Pricey. Face it: the most essential function of our body is our eye. Just one high quality encounter creme which i recognize, is known as InchKollagen IntensivIn ..

Haloxyl - reduces and dies out under eye circles under the eye. Care for your epidermis and you'll have a lot of of advantages, just like perfectly-tended overall look and high do it yourself-strategy. Nevertheless the best attention products at under eye luggage will not be no problem finding, is difficult to find creams which don't comprise substance, allergens and other unpleasant chemicals. [url=http://besteyecreame.com/]learn more[/url] Do you possess hassle hitting the hay?

Have a diverse range of fruits inside your every day consumption. All sensitive eyes treatments aren't suitable for managing all problems. These may cause far more destruction when compared with guide they will supply.

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