good fucking story dude. thought it was going to be another completely lame 'look at how the middle class white move to a rough part of town and post photos of all the zany wacky stuff the poor people do' story but it got better and better.
good on you and good luck getting your shit back.


Rad story. You had me at a-prostitute-named-Tiara.

Rob Peters

I lived in forbes st apart from junkies stealing motorbike covers. that was really about all the trouble I ever had. Its interesting watching it all happen though.


you moved to the Cross, and got robbed? What's the world coming to? Egads.

Boom Shaka Laka

Dude pulled a Croc Dundee on her (his) ass. I think if I was enjoying it thorougly and got any ideas I'd wait until it was over before I found out for sure.


snowy the pot dealer. you'd think he'd be dealing in something else with that name.


fuck....that suuuuucks.

shibal nom

speaking of seedy neighborhoods, the charming area of clinton hill/fort greene was under attack by gunmen last night. not sure what had happened but before I knew it shots were being fired and all i could hear were yelling and car tires screeching


insane...i'd be beyond pissed if a prostitute stole my clothes.


Damn Ian! You had the balls to shake down a bunch of junkies and pimps, you are a true vigilante. You might want to consider a lucrative career in skip tracing.


You've got some balls, dude. I expected your next step to go all Death-Wish-Charles-Bronson on those junkies. Good story.


sydney junkies just love crawling through windows. Same thing happened to me in Newtown - 2 laptops, $120, all the clothes hanging on the line, and a 4 pack of nutella (yeah it was hard to get the image of a crusty rustling through my cupboards out of my mind...still makes me shiver). THey sent the CSIs as well, but our junkie friends were smart - they were wearing dish gloves and left nubbly little prints all over the place.


way too long. i need the abridged version please.


I feel your pain. I moved to Bourke St a few months ago from the "mean" streets of Chicago.---Ukrainian Village/Humboldt Park. My partner and I think our neighbors run a prostitute shower house and I am pretty sure your Tiara visits it on a regular basis. I'm tired of dodging condom wrappers and/or syringes, but I do enjoy the variety and entertainment of the neighborhood (I have LOTS of stories). Only thing stolen so far (crossing our fingers) is a brand new pair of vans lovingly bought from Taiwan for my boyfriend (the dumb ass left them out on the porch because they smelled). We always see this junkie wearing them and always tell him that he has nice shoes.....I would still be livid, but I think he has since passed. I saw him passed out all day in front of city convenience on the corner of Bourke and Williams-- the shoes were gone. Be careful what you wish for....


welcome to sydney.


This is cringingly hilarious Ian. I hope you had a glorious time in Sydney despite your colorful adventure. Now you'll have something to bring back to KW.

Auntie M

Nice story-telling, Ian. But be careful out there! Not everyone is nice, don'cha know? See you SOON, I hope! Safer travels home-bound.

Nic The Bunyip

Holy dooley mate! you must have been gobsmacked. Sounds like the dinky-di. What a hot ghetto mess. Say hooroo to those bloody drongos! Give em' a taste of yer old fella. Yes, I am referencing an Australian slang dictionary.

e l  cape town

who would have thunk that australia rolls like that. they keep saying its southafrica with out the grime tisk tisk

good read. was convinced the good fight would win in the end tho.


i am in love with you


You embellish well!

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