pot stamina is nothing compared to xanax stamina. you'll be praying to cum.

too high

hells when i smoke i prefer to be on my own listening to music, it would be fun to fuck while really stoned but i would probably lose interest or get distracted.


I think I just got high reading that. Either that or im tired as fuck. I agree however, sex is great when you're high.


booze all the way, nothing like erasing the thought anything could possibly go wrong.


Any female that has orgasm-d after blazing will agree that it is wayyy better than drinking.

smoke em

is that really a weed bikini? can i have a toke?


I want that bikini.


no way. weed makes sex incredible. anyone who truly smokes knows that! plus weed totally puts girls in the mood! every other girl i talk to who smokes agrees!


what I find is the case about smoking and fucking is that you cant wait around a long time before you fuck because you'll start getting burned-out and lazy. You have a 20 minute window from right after you smoke, and if you miss that then its over


fucking on alcohol is better...only because of the stamina. it's like doing aerobics. i could fuck the crap out of my bf for and hour. like wicked hectic.
high the fucking dry mouth kills it before we even start, seeing as how i'm a girl and kissing lights it off. it's better if you smoke and fuck hours later. the sensations are nutty but you have more control over the dome.


I used to have a girlfriend that would get so horny when we smoked out, Im horny all the time though drunk, high or sober.

Ivy Mokhov

Agree with massey about the xanax stamina, can't attest to fucking high though, never done it/ been with someone that's done it. But I've gotten the shit fucked outta me for 5-7 orgasms by my boy when he used to do bars.(Never timed it, but orgasms are a pretty good benchmark for timing.)


Porn + Weed + Masturbation = My fucking cross to bear. Jerking off while high to Lexi Belle or Tanner Mayes or Kelly Skyline or Natalia Rossi is worse than crack.

Blah Blah-enstein

This guy is lying about being horny all the time. I read the two-girl sex he bailed on "because he couldn't read the signals." Notice even in this story, the only sex he talks about is long ago.

I want to hear a story about him going to a girl's house to sell her weed, then fucking her. That's it. I know I'd be doing that in his position...


Personally, pot always makes close, emotional interaction awkward. As though you're seeing everything from a detached perspective and that makes it hard to really enjoy what's going on, mostly just because I tend to either over-think my or my boyfriend's actions or feel more like an observer than a participant. On the other hand (ha.) if I'm alone and smoking, my vibrator's bound to be part of the evening's activities, probably because I'm not seeking anyone else's feedback but my own. As far as alcohol goes, it pushes up confidence and makes me bolder, hornier, and as far as I can tell, smoother but also tends to lead to hunger and adventures

sports boner

I tend to agree with the people who say you fuck right after you smoke. Make an evening of it. Weed or the psychological effects thereof definitely makes my johnson swell up real fat.


Headband doesn't share much lineage with Master Kush, it's old school Chemdawg x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi Seed's Northern Lights).



Don't even try cumming on DXM. It takes hours. :(


I love how all the weed strains sound like SNES bosses. Defeat Sour Diesel using Master Kush's Head Band attack!


to the people saying smoke and fuck right away, you're right. sitting around too long and you'll get zoned out. take a few good rips and get naked. the brain in your dick will take auto pilot for awhile and then mid-fuck-of-your-life you'll remember, "oh yeah, i'm high as a motherfucker right now" and then you'll swandive back into it.


It definitely makes it feel better just have a movie on during cuz you'll get mad distracted hahaha

cero minero

weed improves stamina hands down. well for me and sneaky at least. there are nights when i'm high and horny that I fuck so well i feel like a damn pornstar. look ma! no hands!


move the fucking leaves


I like being drunk and high when I have sex... weed totally makes me tingle in my privates, as long as I don;t fall asleep


I CANNOT orgasm if I'm high and it's the most frustrating thing ever.

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