Go to any law school library in the country, you can sell that shit for top dollar. The Bar Exam is next tuesday.

light weight.


yeah i know just what you mean, i got vicodin for my wisdom teeth removal. i got a coupon for a free mcflurry and played videogames all day.


Adderall is what got me through finals week for at least two of my four years in college. I did a lot of shitting and chain smoking.


i dont know why anyone would take adderall recreationally. its not "fun"....its only good for doing work


pills are okay. its kind of like russian roulette. you take em and just wait and see what happens

shades of gray

you have to be careful with the time releases. or you can pop it open and snort it.


its prescription cocaine. nothing else to say.


who the fuck takes paxil and anti-depressants for recreation? you have to be one giant fucking loser. what is this even about?


you are a pussy


so generally how many childrens tylenols does it take to pixelate the air

gregarious greg

heart narcotic naps

ski report

you guys are pussies. adderall is fucking great.


zoloft sex drive destroyer indeed. also gives one an overwhelming desire to drink copious amounts of booze, which i did, then you get fat, which i also did. takes over a year to get out of your system entirely THEN you get skinny again. i'd rather be miserable and skinny any day than miserable and fat.

i can drive for days

You forgot about... The "I-Can't-get-it-up-at-all-now,-because-I-have-mental-blinders-on-that-are-only-allowing-me-to-focus-on-one-thing-and-currently-that-one-thing-is-the-paranoid-possibility-that-my-best-friend-is-a-vampire-and-this-girl-is-satan's-hooker"- feeling. Yeah fuck that shit. took it for four years of college and don't think my nerves, heart, and mind will ever recover.

annie aa

Well, Adreen, you know I'm a reg pill shovel - so god bless!
love you!
annie a pill slut


Anybody know anything about Lexapro? I had to start taking it because my temper is getting really bad and I have two small kids and I was starting to scare them. I'm on 20 mgs a day.


yeah you obvi don't know anything adderall is just pure amphetamines so you just wrote an article about how you can't handle amphetamines. good job.

burn d

These stories are what makes Vice a tired anachronism. There isn't even a story here, you're just bragging that you've taken a lot of pills. We get it, you can cop. Your 20s are radical, and the kids you grew up with back home would be so impressed at how decadent your life is in the big city.

Learn a new trick.

muddy mudskpper

adderall's my favorite pill. i do it recreationally and have never had a bad time on it.




some motherfucker talking about the bar exam on my bar exam vice study break. way to shit on my day




I dunno, I got prescribed that shit and it didn't do much.


Don't get me wrong, low doses of Adderall are fun. But I split those 30's in half, dude. Take all 30 and I hole up in the corner of my dorm room because I don't know who's outside and wonder if my couch is going to try to eat me.

Fucking nightmare, man.


I worked as a fileclerk in a medical facility for almost a year and ate 90mg at 8 in the morning one day for shits and giggles.

Let's just say those fuckin files got FILED.

I then smoked a bowl of haze 12 hours later and the right side of my body went numb.

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