i have serious concern for people with foot fetishes.

self promotion

plugging your own show there much?


it might be a good thing that the guy is visually impaired he cant see how ridiculous his band is. although the idea of judge drumming with gavles is kinda hilarious


isnt it kind hard to play the drums with judges robes on?


the idea of a foot fetish makes me wanna throw up


He wouldn't have foot fetish if he could see.


Looks very entertaining in that grubby-burningman-meets-circus-kind-of-way

Bing Crosby

It looks burning man, but it's pure Kool & The Gang, with no smelly punk-klezmer kids. This is very clean sheeny super-pro rock funk, like Prince or Outkast. But with feet.

ish kundawala

more photos from my set can be found here:

Francesca you Betcha

I love that TJ loves feet, especially funky, stinky feet! It's about time someone bring this fetish into the open and make it fun, funny, and danceable...

One of the best gigging bands in Austin, and that actually is saying a lot.

wish I could go...

opinions of feet aside, their music is straight up funkified fun, I challenge anyone to go and NOT be compelled to dance, or at the very least tap your toes with a big dopey grin on your face !


A foot in hand is worth more than two in the bush.

Lee Cohen Manager of The Dandy Warhols

Austin Tx proving once again that it's just better than everywhere else and then there is good barbecue too...

Oh, Steph

There is truly no way to describe the amazingness of Foot Patrol. Every if you are creeped out by foot fetishes, TJ will have you rolling with his completely over the top lyrics. He commands a crowd. It's incredible. I hope the sexy cop dancers will be in tow, as they add so much to the experience.

Stephen Fishman

I've seen Foot Patrol several times and I must say that, as gimmicky as they may first appear, the music is just plain great. TJ is kind of a fearless genre-bender. The kid can play! As repulsed as many of the female responders seem in this article, his most devoted fans in Austin are women. Go figure. Foot Patrol makes everybody get up and dance. And the freaks will be out in full force so its as much about the band as the audience. Alright. I'm done gushing.


These are surprisingly well arranged and played songs for something you would assume is a novelty band. TJ does a lot of uncanny vocal impersonations on top of his skills on the keys.


Foot Patrol is now seeking meaningful management. Please contact:


Sade Music

Sade's new album November 24th!

Lou Christie

Saw the first show at Goodbye Blue Monday, and Foot Patrol was incredible! Also, apparently foot massages for ladies are provided by the band.

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