sharks taste good.

when i was little i wanted shark teeth so i wouldn't have to brush mine. they would regrow when i needed new ones.


something tells me the time spent on research about what the sharks were eating comprises all of two minutes time. the rest is spent patting each other on the back for being totally radical and being able to kill jaws.

Duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh

Did any sharks throw up people?

gomer style

man i fuckin love meat. i like veggies too, but fuck the vegans, fuck the vegetarians, and fuck the humane society and peta. they are useless pieces of shit.

seizures r. fake

That looks like a fun day out.


okay i've wondered this long enough. can you tell where sharks are looking?


Avid fisherman here. I have nothing against catching a fish and having it for dinner, but Shark tournaments are more than a bit sad. No need to kill all those beautiful huge beasts. No need at all. No wonder PETA flips out.


signed. did those morons ever hear that if the sharks are gone we also have a little problem ourselves?
stupid assholes.

nick tangent

offshore whacking day. sharks, not snakes.


so much blood - like a Jaws Vampire movie


i love the irony that he hates people imposing views on him, while he's imposing death on others.


whats the gay prostitution/cocaine scene like on martha's vineyard? is it just seasonal or year round? how many old fags willing to pay for hand jobs inhabit the island? are there any gay bars? just fancy cafes? odd place to be living.


LoL on the "whats the gay prostitution/cocaine scene like on martha's vineyard?" comment.

(you are kidding, right. Oh wait....)


i wanted to write a comment but im speechless. ughh


shit is fucked in massachusetts

Mr. Quartz

You know what this article is missing? PICTURES OF THE AUTHOR. I know E. Diamond and she is a megababe. I would swim through shark infested water covered in chum if it meant I got to bed this lovely lady.

Dinghy Dogs

My wife & I run an incredibly awesome Hot Dog stand on Oak Bluffs Harbor. This is our first year, and between shitty weather and 'President' Ocommie, things have kind of sucked.

GOD BLESS THE SHARK TOURNAMENT! The business it generated was great, but the guys participating are what we'll remember most. Great bunch of dudes, and man, could they put away hot dogs. Hail!


gross. leave the sharks alone.


love the style of reporting! made me laugh


hot dogs suck and so do u


i ain't vegan or vegetarian - but the hawaiians say if you eat a shark, a shark will eat you. so i don't eat 'em. just sayin' is all.

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Where would the best Whale Shark diving in the western Caribean be in
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Shark. Also looking for 5 star accomodations

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Very good pictures !! The person opening the mouth is looking to be very bold. I think it is very tough work to do. I really afraid these kind of things. In fact, I never go into water because of these animals.

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Sharks are often frightening for the movies we've seen in animals that present themselves as murderers. However, sharks do not attack with a condition to defend themselves, like the snake, or when they are hungry. It is important to know this and be aware of the time of their meals.

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Yes... it seems that the media is very biased to their own way of thinking and hasn't improved since you wrote this article.

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