Toby Keith's Uncle

Well-written and heartbreaking. I still can't see how girls can go nine months without knowing they are pregnant. Is it real or wishful thinking?


this is one of the more depressing entries ive seen here

dietz nutz

it's ok dr moore, because i'm still stuck on the whole shitting bit. i had no clue most women shit themselves during labor...that will be forever embedded in my mind.


didn't her bf notice her enormous preggo gut? i hate stories like these. and i hate teenagers.


The shitting all over themselves thing is intriguing. Do they ever have explosive diarrhea? Now that would be something.


I wonder if this girl is so delusional that she legitamtely beleives the baby isnt heres. how do you 9 months without realizing your pregnant??


this article makes me wanna compltely loose faith in humanity

Em Azing

to answer these silly questions about "how did she not know?"
1 she probably came into the world in the same (or close to the same) way
2 obviously her parents are morons (assuming she knows them) and never taught her ANYTHING about ANYTHING
3 it was probably easier to be in denial than to try to quit her hourly crack induced meth binges, which might be what got her into this mess in the first place.

fucking tragic


if was a 15 year old moron who couldnt tell his girl was pregnant, then walked into a room and saw a baby stick out of her, i would most likely freak out.


The shitting fact is totally fucking true. What happens is the intestines pretty much push out anything in it to make room for the 8 lbs of trouble coming out the vagoo. Like emptying a tube of toothpaste, except vile and humiliating.

@Em Azing

"to answer these silly questions about "how did she not know?"
1 she probably came into the world in the same (or close to the same) way"

You're saying she remembers being born as a surprise? AND if so, then wouldn't she be all the more aware?


One of the fine programs broadcasted by cable network TLC (in between shows about people who have more children than they have good sense) is "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant", a series of re-enactments of pregnant women....you guessed it....not knowing they were pregnant. The part that I've seen avoids teenage moron-moms out of decency, but it still manages to be one of the most unintentionally entertaining offerings in the basic-cable galaxy of shows.

Great entry as usual, Doc Mona, too bad you had a usher a shitty (both literally and figurativly) life into the world.

shit soaked vaginas

that young bitch needs a slap in the face and a punch in the blood and shit-soaked crotch.

babies having babies is gonna destroy us.

Raise that little girl to know her moms a poor excuse for a human being.

I mean, unless of course mommy dearest changes her mind... then i take it all back.
well not all of it.


The smell of placenta in the delivery room is something I will never forget. A very earthy, bloody smell- not entirely unpleasant, just unlike anything else you have ever smelled.


During pushing and delivery, your baby's head will begin to make an appearance through your vaginal opening with each contraction. When your baby's head remains visible and does not slip back in, it is known as crowning.


i love this column. different perspectives like these are what makes vice great


Ewe gross


what the fuck is A and E???


As I am reading this, my 3 weeks old son is falling asleep on my chest. We did a home delivery and it was such an amazing experience which brought us so much joy. The gift of life is amazing! As dad I actually got to cut the chord and I was part of the whole process. My heart goes out to that baby and even though I feel like condemning that girl, do do feel very sorry for her as well. Almost unthinkable that a woman would deny her child. I want to believe there is hope, even for a child that was born like that.

A and E is Ambulance and Emergency probably.

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