You could always have someone else that hates him that still works there start a rumor about you having an STD. If he is actually fucking your old girl, he'll think twice about it for sure then. Let him sweat out a HIV test. It's more than fair for firing you.


Probably not the best time to be getting revenge on your former boss


Better yet, have someone start a rumour that he has an STD. lets see him try to bang that chick when she finds out hes got herpes


you know what? fuck being scared. you go over to that asshole's house and light it on fucking fire. fuck him.


just wait a couple weeks, then catch him coming out of work and kick him in the nuts. he'll never see it coming!!!

duck duck goose

i think you might have a good shot at litigation against this asshole. wait until he goes for your ex. if you're still on relatively good terms, which i'm guessing you are or one of you would have left the company before this, then she will either a) reject him and tell you or b) accept and break up with him too. either way, if she tells you he went for her after firing you you should have quite the case. approach the hr person and the manager above him with this info. see what they do. you could end up with a few years off and getting your girl back too.


He'll have to give you a good recommendation if he knows you know he wants in the girl's pants. Let him give you high marks, but as soon as you get the job, it's time for payback. Like the saying goes, payback IS a bitch. That's the point. So, you need do think this through. You know him so you should know better than any of us what will hurt him the most. Don't do something that will get you arrested. One thing I always enjoy leaving shitheads with is an upper decker. It just feels so nice walking out after leaving a part of yourself for them to clean up.

Rachel Ray



I love that photo of Ron saying "Hey, Ron!" . ADORABLE


...wait...Ron's black?


@saywhaaaa: and ted kennedy's white. learn how to see.


As always, solid advice from Ron. Also, I would consider Duck Duck Gooses' suggestion as well and look into statutes from your state's labor commission they are pretty clear about what consititues an illegal termination.


"how does it taste?" that is one of the best lines ive ever heard. good work.


Listen dude. Call me. I can fuck that guy over for you no problem. Nice and quiet. I call him a little visit. Me and my friends. We take him somewhere nice and quiet. We don't hurt him too much too early. Just a few little kicks here and there and maybe a fist in his nose so he gets to taste his own blood - and taste what is coming.

Then, first, we drop him his trousers. We apanky, spanky, spanky his naughty bottom. We spanky,spanky,spanky until it's red and big weals are standing out on the back of it and he's begging for no more and it's just at that moment then that I surprise him from the front and bite off his penis for him.


Then we cook the penis over a stove and serve it up with garlic and thyme and wine while he watching. Oh and for good measure we invite your old girlfriend round to eat it. And I am shouting now: "That's what you wanted all along you fucker, isn't it? That's what you fucking wanted. Be careful fucker because dreams come true sometimes."

Then I kill him with knives.

Sound like a plan, no?

Call me!


oh man ron you are so fuckin smart you scare the shit out if me


of me
see! im so scared i cant even type anymore!

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