Thanks Sneaks! Next time I have a few grand lying around for bud I'll be sure not to make the mistake of getting the wrong kind of diesel. Anyone selling dimes anymore?


if he is santa i want to be santa's little helper. that or his rudolph. my eyes would be red instead of my nose but i'd still get us where we needed to go.


indicas might as well put a stranglehold on me getting anything done the rest of the day other than watching hulu and eating whatever i can find in the pantry.

sativas make me want to ride my bike with a cape on right down the middle of the lane. fuck the honkers.


Sneaky is very informative!!! Damn Sneaks your vocabulary is outstanding for a weed dealer. Where did you go to college?

smokey joe.

i love it when weed gets super keen, with all the names and the breeding. it is a science unto its self.


well it sounds like sneaky has it pretty much sorted out, i want to know if that girl was actually hot though.

(not) high and dry

anybody got sneaky's number?


I picked up an ounce of that SD nonsense last summer and swore I'd never do it again. Not only does it take all the strength out of your legs but the smell works its way into your neighbors apartments on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors when you're smoking on the 1st. I felt like a wad of paranoia jelly. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Diesel Fatigue indeed.


yeahhh... sneaky leaves!

uncle scrooge

never tried sour diesel nor NL#5...sounds damn interresting, gotta find a shop selling theese two..

Blah Blah-enstein

You short sighted druggy freaks!

Every single comment here is about the weed, and not about how Sneaky Blue-Balls here didn't take advantage of crazy sex with two hot girls?!

"I kept searching Alana’s face for some sign that she wanted to make out with me or something.."

Let me help out the guys out there... The fact that she laughed when her friend's BJ-lips kissed him was consent for him to try to kiss her.. Girls tell me that guys like this drive them nuts (in a bad way). Always err on the side of trying to have sex with a girl you want to have sex with! Arg..


i love pot dealers. they are the best people on earth.

Low Sperm Count


Well, if Senor Sneaky had manned up it could have been a different story. He had the ball in his court. She has to put out or risk the drug man not coming around any longer. He could have gotten at least a tugjob out of the deal. She couldn't have been too embarrassed about the roommate or she wouldn't have let Sneaky in the door.

Marc Emery-esque

- any girl that kisses guy#2 after having the penis of guy#1 in her mouth, is a dirty.
(unless of course its within a 3some)
(or guy#1 happens to know guy#2 - and is ok with guy#2 ball-flavored-kisses from sluts)

- any guy letting that happen has GOT to be hurtin balls for some pussy. (or he's into guy#1)
(or has a life-time supply of Zorvirax)

but whateves, the weed knowledge detailed in the above article in pretty standard fare, and it's interesting to note how it manages to thrill you recreational smot pokers.


Truly the most verbose and educated pot-head I've ever had the pleasure of reading. If this guy ever got the pension to do more than sell weed he could definitely be the one to fulfill the Flaubert prophecy of raising the proletariat to the stupidity level of the bourgeoisie. Long live pot smokin' and democracy!

kool fartz

best article ever.

Blah Blah-enstein

Whew... the whole Guy#1, Guy#2 thing above is exhausting... It would have been unusual, I think, if that girl had not had cock in her mouth yet...

While I expressed concern above about the unmentioned elephant in the room (why did sneaky leave the orgy?), I did not mean to criticize the article.

Anyway.. Keep up the articles Sneaky; this one was well written. I also vote for less weed detail and more sex detail.


Sneaky needs to get up on some Headband action. It's a ten week nightmare but stones harder then the the NL #5.

P.S> Sour D is still exceptional in small batch indoor and can still fetch up to 4200 in the medical circle. Much like the Headband it can also yield up to 2.5lbs per thousands watts.

goober pile

@ Paolo: I know Sneaky and he has the Headband. I agree, it is phenomenal.


sneaky i need you!!!


hate to be a douche but this was soooo boring.

NME one

HA! i love it. where else right?


sneaky, please comment on all the different hash goin round. here in cali im seeing all sorts, "earwax, bubble hash, etc etc. it all looks rediculous and i'd be interested in reading an article about the different variations, specifically this stuff people are calling hash, but looks more like massive amounts of kief, i dunno, shits still chrondoleeza rice but i wouldnt call it hash, hash that i know is usually hard and needs to be slightly melted. look forward to more shit like this.

james brown

this couldnt have come at a better time, i just had a fresh delivery last night and this makes me smile. my guy can take up to 2 weeks to hook me up


yah sneaky, bring on tales of bubble hash & budder

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