i have a hard time telling wether vice's journalism is awesome and informative or just kinda goofy

turd to your mother

uh, both. who says they have to be mutually exclusive?


Actually, they should never be mutually exclusive.
Journalism 101.

mr natural

i wonder what the hosts of shows like this do in the afternoon? do you think they get shitcanned really early and go to bed by 6pm so they can get up and pampered before they go on air to talk about whatever is going on in the world? i want to see one of them hungover just once. maybe that is what has happened when so-and-so is filling in for so-and-so today.


Let no one forget that our history and where it is sufficient to

Seizures R. Fake

Shane's right. The threat of getting pinched by a government hack trying to make a name for himself in a top down regime is the only thought that fills your head when you're walking around a country like that. It's the worst anxiety there is. Those two women are hostages and those fucks are lower than thugs.


What the fuck are you talking about?

peter swerett

this is great. WOW.

peter swerett

I really enjoyed this and the new VBS is awesome.


so great to see Vice get some recognition by the mainstream media (though who needs their santimonious "approval" anyway) for the very interesting international investigative reporting they do.


Yeah, it's not like the U.S. Government would kidnap innocent people and throw them in jail and withold due process from them. It's not like we would ever torture people either. We would never do something like that. It's only other countries that do that stuff. And the people in the U.S. are most definitely spared from an endless barrage of propaganda produced by the Government and desseminated through the media, which, in other countries (not here) is nothing more than the PR Wing of said government. Thank God shit like that doesn't go on in the U.S.

Andy Pants

Yeah thank God were not living in a 1984-esque dystopia where people are born from test-tubes and soylent green is people, RIGHT?!?!? AMIRIGHT?!!?!?


Yeah. You really nailed him, Andy Pants! You fucking rule! Way to go!


Nice way to mention the sponsor of vbs.tv in there... Yay.....

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