it resembles a herpes-infected vag with a blowfish outer shell, overall a pretty neat look.


I have seen this fruit!! on a trip to thailand they had it, along with many other weird fruits and vegetables. asian produce is weird.


yeah, i've heard of this stuff. think i've seen it being sold in chinatown. mmm stinky melon


it's not an rabid animal and nothing is bleeding. what the hell are the gloves for man

stinkin fruit

look at the mom dive in there for a big whiff, holding the arm with both hands, she enjoys the smell of monkey uterus. I was hoping to see vomiting and pain. the king of fruits has let me down.

wheres the stink melon

some of the most descriptive writing ive read in ages, felt i was there. still when it doesnt delive the pungent hit, you have to be a bit let down.


i remember when my friend switched to basics. he figured if he's going to give himself cancer, he may as well do it cheaply. guess he has the same sense of logic as a festering ball of putrid fruit.


Love this fruit. Always put in on top of my yoghurt.


what country is so fucked that they bothered to outlaw a fruit? dont they have better things to worry about

roman polanskeet

It looks prehistoric


I ordered a durian shake once, because a quick scan of the menu made me think it said DURAN. A duran duran flavored shake would have been more logical than the cup of feces that I was presented with. No good.


food shouldnt smell bad. its unnatural. stay away from smelly food.


Durian! I always pass that shit in the Vietnamese markets and gag a bit. My family eats it

ms. monkey

don't finger my monkey pussy!

clap shitty

Go to SE Asia to eat the real shit. If you buy it in America it's been frozen on the journey over here, which kills the flavor but leaves the smell. No durian has ever been able to grow in America (they tried in Florida, but failed). I love durian.


ive eaten that before... almost cried

Chester Cheswick

Yer fucked. Durian is the king of fruits. It's fantastic, tastes great, and once you're used to the smell, smells great, too. It's not illegal in any country, it's just banned from closed in spaces such as subways and airplanes. gut who wrote this sounds like an idiot.


The durian has burned off Darian's sleeves!


the durian is the best food of all foods. well, it's number two (after the red fruit of papua)

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