I did a report on Iceland in third grade. They also have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. It was number one at the time of my report, handed in with a clear plastic cover and yellow plastic spine.


why did he keep his shoes on I wonder.

here is my train: of the fittest = survival of the richest. This is his axiom: you cannot be (real) happy living under this belief.

Question: Does the shoes thing or his animal skin rug betray his points?

smokey robinson crusoe

america's bar looks like a skinny french flag.



wow, you actually remember stuff like that from 3rd grade?

fake n bake

only thing i know of iceland is that it is green. and greenland is ice.


Cuba's got a really high literacy rate also. Too bad they're not on the list.


how the hell did u find this lunatic charlatan ? u came all this way to interview him , you sure have something wrong with you too.


That's crazy talk. Get him on Oprah...she will totally digg his views.

dingo dick

i love him. shades, double-breasted white suit over an versace t-shirt and a yellow sports car. when you're that rich you get to think whatever you like.


Seriously? This guy actually wrote a book about the holocaust, which basically describes the whole thing as fake, a part of the Jewish conspiracy. He claims the foundations of the Jewish faith lie in paganism and (guess what) Darwinism. He is also well known around Turkey (which is where i'm from) for charming the idiotically rich into funding him through coke and orgies with models, who join his so called cult for "networking" reasons. He places himself as the new and absolute prophet in his books. He is such a past figure of 90s around here, i thought nobody took him seriously anymore. What he claims here is like saying Hurricane Katrina happened because of all the sinning that took place in New Orleans.

@ AE

"He claims the foundations of the Jewish faith lie in paganism."

The half of the Koran is based on the Hebrew scriptures so it's sort of a catch-22 to say this and not offend his readers.


The fact that Sweden and Denmark have the most stable economies on the planet seems to have slipped his grasp. Whoops.


Hahhahhahahahahahah does this guy even know what Darwin wrote? Marx knew what he wrote. And what Darwin wrote wasn't "survival of the fittest" as much as it was "natural selection" where we have mutual cooperation in the human specie, which is extremely social and tribal. This is why Bologna has economic democracy, plenty of co-ops, and has in the past couple of years reached the top five richest areas of Europe. Not by exploiting others maliciously, but through hard work and scientifically-efficient cooperation. Sociopathy and extreme selfish individualism is not only immoral, but also unnatural for humanity. Sorry.

That guy is a moron, old religion impedes civilizations. It's likely why the Protestant empires started kicking around the catholic ones all over the world, and now it seems Islam is doing the same. Problem is, science is newer and far more rational than their Abrahamic bullshit. So we better switch and switch soon or we're going to kill ourselves off and wipe out half of the entire world ecosystem with us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU

Seda Aral

Anyone who falls for the lies of Adnan Oktar must be naive in the extreme.
Oktar AKA Harun Yahya, does not even write the cut and pasted plagiarism that passes for his work.
Oktar's madly twisted fantasy world portrays the Taliban as closet Darwinists and not Islamic fundamentalists.
He also seems to think that the president of the united states would like to interview him.
I'm glad to write that this deluded megalomaniac is in prison for blackmail. However his propaganda machine still extolls the same old ignorant refrain that Oktar has demolished evolution. Perhaps he has, in his own little fantasyworld.

Milen Bilyanov

This guy is a real sham. He created a ring / organisation of crime and fraud in Turkey. He is the guy behind lots of, so called "islamic media" guided attacks on secular scholars. He is also the guy responsible for most of internet restrictions taking place in Turkey. And so on... and so on.

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