oompa loompa

huffy's, diamond backs and mongooses were the rides of choice when i was in elementary school. i of course had none of these. instead my parents had gotten me the k-mart special

cero tranny phat

pete looks like that fucking annoying kid from the "problem child" movies

some dude

i had a huffy which lead into a rallye (with the famous spider web paint job) which lead into a gap of bikelessness due to being a couple years too young to drive and not wanting the older kids to talk shit which lead to not riding a bike at all for three years which lead to getting a bike for graduation that i never rode in college which lead to getting a fixed gear bike after college which lead to people saying hipster this and hipster that but you know what i have more fun riding it than i ever have riding a bike before other than the first time your dad lets you ride without training wheels and really legs go when he is running beside you in the cul-de-sac.


he does look almost exactly like the problem child kid and this makes me miss the days of coaster brakes and leaving my bike on a rack at the neighborhood pool for hours and never locking it.


thats a rad suspence story...poor snapper dude...


i loved the story and comments

And another one...

The innocent times of our lives make it possible? The contrast to horror and pain. It is sick state that we fall in when when our social circle encourages and thrives on the cruelty that is acceptable in school yards.

When I was in 3rd grade a high school kid used to rough me up every day on the bus. It wasn't like I did any thing except stand up for my self. Talk about his mom when he talked about mine. For that I got punched, crushed, slapped, etc. It was never cool and I hope to this day that his father tortured him at home like he tortured me on that yellow bus.

john jorde

I finally got into Vice magazine. Look at the way he's only using a couple of fingers to steer, that's skill, A-Team skill.


i wonder why redheads always seem to find themselves in situations exactly like this.

Smax Eisenjew

Nice story Max, who was your inspiration for the Jake and Hampton characters???



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