Wes Beach

There was one guy who worked at a production plant with me who smelled just horrible. The management eventually told him one day to "go home and take a shower" so he did. He quit a few days later I'm guessing from pure shame. I felt kinda sorry for him in a way but you gotta take care of your self.


Knuckle up, then talk.


Is that an ergonomic knee chair?




oh shit for a minute i thought he was floating or had really strong toes.


sweet king tut tattoo.


Wow! Another column where Ron talks about fighting again! He must be the toughest guy in the room or a huge pussy. Usually the guys who talk about fighting all the time are usually the ones who can't fight at all. You don't see guys who are trained fighter going around all the time talking about how they're gonna do this and that.


I'm seriously going to behead the next person in my office that makes popcorn in the microwave. That is office no-no number one.


That's all they talk about, numbnuts. Ever listen to a single Mike Tyson interview?

dum-dums abound!

@Bob: I personally know Ron and he is an 8th degree black belt. If you don't believe me, why don't you leave your phone number or email here so he can get in touch and prove it to you. He will definitely put his foot up your ass and through your crotch. GUARANTEED!


yeah, i don't think he's endorsing fighting except as a last resort. some people only understand the language of violence


I bet Ron's pretty good at fighting.

King Dave

Hey Ron! and Meet the Nieratkos are the two best articles that VICE has to offer.


Could you please promote whoever thought of 'Hey Ron!' It's brilliant. He's great.

Tom Colinze

This kind of advice is exactly why Ron sits next door with the architects now. He is designing the future, one Brick at a time.

Big B

Hey Ron! who is this guy at your office?

john jorde

Basically if you don't say how you feel your gonna make things worse. Take the initiative with annoying people, just be civil. Trust Me. I know more about diabetes, cigars, the Civil War and the War of 1812 than a fucking professor of fucking history!


this picture is hilarious.


when I was in highschool our policy was if there was someone who was smelly tell the school nurse and she would talk to them.... too bad you cant do that.


if I were you I would send an anonymous email and say "I can hear your obnoxiousness and smell your smelliness from all the way on the other side of the office".... he wont suspect you since you sit right next to him. GENIUS!


its all about the knuckling up!


Hey Ron,

When you gonna tell everyone 'bout that time I beat you up?

fan o' ron

i really can't stop staring at this picture. i want it on a t-shirt.

Leanspa Acai

I hate people who live in a misery life and the most important thing they don't take care of themselves. It's really unacceptable in year 2010 people to stink.

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