The Host

If you watch Wife Swap you deserve to get swine flu. Also, I read that pork sales dropped dramatically after the swine flu freak out. People sure are idiots sometimes.


it's nice that you and your boyfriend got it at the same time so you didn't have to worry about passing it over. reminds me of the aids dating services. they're like "fuck it, you already have aids, what's the worst that can happen?" pure fucking genius.


yeah, it's a real bummer that the media made it so scary. in texas, all these kids would walk around with surgical masks. lame. if only the headlines had said "Swine Flu- Treatable in the Same Manner as Every Other Flu" rather than the freaky plague articles.

Count C

I thought doctor's were supposed to hand out tamiflu? Oh well, I'd take codeine syrup over anything else.


Tamiflu is a vaccine, dingus.
But yeah, codeine cough syrup is pretty cool. We are in agreement on that one.

never bored

remember at the beginning of swine flu 2k9 when that one lone little boy in ohio had swine flu?? he must have been so lonely and confused, like "what the fuck!? why does no one wanna hang out with me?? whatever. no school!"


tamiflu is not a vaccine, other dingus!

i think its only effective in the very beginning stages of a viral infection, though.

did you get tested for swine flu or did you doctor just guess?

Beverly Hames

My doc didn't test me. She made a logical guess based on my symptoms. Swine flu has some specific intestinal disturbances that go along with it that aren't common with other flu. Let's just say my boyfriend and I had some traumatic bathroom experiences. The test is only 70% accurate and most hospitals in New York aren't bothering to perform it any more.

After five days of a viral infection Tamiflu was pretty much worthless.

no time

OMG yumyums!


The only people I've actually seen wear masks are old Asian women.


"There is strange sense of vindication that comes with being told you are as sick as you thought you were"

Ahh makes me feel nostalgic. Nothing like rubbin it Mom's face after she accuses you of fakin

margaret snatcher

where did you catch it?

buy viagra

It looks pretty tasty.

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