Are we talking about the same Peter Sotos here? The misanthropic pedophile?


i guess i'm not with it enough to know who any of these people are but i do want to dive headfirst into that bowl of gummybears in the background. gummyworms even better.

Black Man

Peter is charming and easy to talk to but doesn't like attention. He will probably hate you now for writing this. Those are some real men. This is horrible writing and reporting.


I would snuff Sotos in the mouth. And I feel like he would take it as a compliment of the highest regard

Bloopers in my pants

I read comfort&critique a while back and had to keep the nightlight on for the first time i didnt pick the right ending to Goosebumps when i was 7


He's not a pedophile, he's NICE. He's just a writer doing his job. This is shoddy tabloid paparazzi bullshit.

Beverly Hames

I wish I had gone. Oh well, all the more reason to be stoked on stalking him at the opening Sunday. At my super leftist college I did a sound collage for a class featuring me doing readings of Peter Soto's imagination of raping/murdering Jon Benet Ramsay in addition to some other Parfrey-related misanthropes. It was called "Let's Hear it for Violence Towards Women" after the Jim Goad piece. It didn't go over too well.

100 watts

lighten up, nerds


Dude a DJ is still somebody who sits on his ass and plays other peoples music right? How the fuck do you get nervous about somebody who does that. Are you intimidated and sexually frustrated with jukeboxes? What a mind blower once and for all DJ's can't play instruments but still want to get musician pussy, and dumb whores (evidently male and female) fall for it all the time. Damn it.


dear Bert,
he's not a DJ. he's a celebrity-DJ. there are countless distinctions between the two.


Wow, Peter Sotos, that's great. I'm so happy for you.

"Is it homophobic to say gay people confuse the living shit out of me these days? Cowboys and bikers I get, but how did Hasids, Mennonites, blackjack dealers, fine Persian rugs, and those inflatable guys at gas stations make it into the mix?"--dos and don'ts

Blog about how Vice is discriminatory.

Vice is a don't.

Matthew Lake

Wow, these might be the best series of comments ever...


this blog sucks! who the fuck are these people!?


a real perspective

Philip Best

i agree, stop buying your tastes at St. Mark's and leave true artists alone. Vice is total shit. this is like TMZ with a trench coat and pretentious goatee.


info about Sotos is always appreciated, thanks. good to see those Buyer's Market royalty checks can keep him in snazzy raincoats


isnt that mark mcoy from das oath/charles bronson in the 6th picture down?


Umm, if it was true and this thursday all those things happened...wouldn't you feel a bit silly?

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