okay i can see having coke and even syrup but why do you need to have a bottle of cooking oil in living area? nevermind, maybe i don't want to know.


How old is this guy. Uh your teeth hurt because you don't fucking brush them guy. The only point your making is that you enjoy living in trash and your mom isn't around to wipe your ass. If the trash is in his room how is it effecting anyone else's situation?


this guy hasn't changed since college. he still has the aiwa 5 disc changer and everything. he probably still have nightmares about oversleeping a final.


jesus christ. this kid has never been laid let alone had a girl anywhere within 20 feet of his room


That macro shot of the syrup bottle is pulitzer material.


Jack Osbourne with no money. That's as gross as it gets.


he is deluded

kool fartz

Please explain to me how the fuck it 'proves a point' to let other people's garbage sit around your house? What a fucking numbnuts this guy is. I guess he figures if his space gets messy and stinky enough, no one will ever want to go to his house again, ergo: no more of other people's mess around? That's some pretty fucked-up "logic".

As far as not showering? GROSS. You honestly think people can't smell your fetid package because you slathered gino-juice on yourself? Are you in 4th grade and hiding under the bed so mommy won't make you take a bath and brush your teeth?

I was going to wonder out loud if this guy ever gets laid, but I think the answer to that question is pretty obvious.


I've heard that "I have messy friends and they don't clean up after themselves" routine. As an adult, when we have company over for dinner or a social gathering the mess tends to fall on the host. If someone wants to stay late and lend a hand cool, if not cool, "this is my house and I will clean it" is usually the attitude. Fuck college, this douche is still thirteen "not giving a fuck" about what his parents, friends or chicks think. This is HIS life!!!



this kind of shit disgusts me.


him, not cleaning up and stating that his friends are the ones making the mess doesn't really say much about himself.


i had a roommate like this. we would have these sorts of convos all the time. funny article


This guy ain't shit. I know a kid who literally lives in a bio-hazard of an apartment. You will ingest a few fruit flies an hour, and that's on a good day. He once lived without a working toilet for a few months. During those months, the smell of rancid shit and a swarm of fruit flies would cordially greet you upon entering. He had so many take out containers strewn about, my friends would poop in them to see if he would even notice.

Funny thing is, this kid also had thousands of dollars invested in his video game, computer, and DVD operation. Some poeple need to invest a little bit more in their reality/humanity.


"but most of it is not mine. I would say about 80 percent of it is mine"

80% = MOST of it IS yours. this guy is going to end up marrying an even bigger slob and it will be a disgusting outcome. can you do a follow-up on that too please thanks.


Geez, I thought my roommates were bad.. that shit is gross though, and the bugs it attracts can spread to the whole house.. What I don't get overall is why doesn't this guy GROW SOME BALLS and tell his friends to clean up their shit as they are eating or whatever..

I'm hella glad I was raised by a complete OCD neat freak of a mom. Even my baseboards sparkle, son!

jean luc picard

your friend sucks


I once lived in a boarding house in which all the residents had to move to another boarding house as the Department of Health gave 2 of the residents 14 days to clean their room or the house would be shut down. In one of the rooms there were bottle upon bottle of urine and the mice had actually made tracks in the carpet underneath the rubbish. Professional cleaners had to come in before we were allowed back.


dick. he doesn't even remember the point he's trying to prove.




at least he's not my fucking roommate, guy


" I do not trust the people that live downstairs "

but doesn't the interviewer live down stairs?


I do the same bed clothes thing. Only I have too many clothes and I end up sleeping on the couch because there isn't any room.


what a dreamboat

The Shithead Avenger

People like this have severe territorial issues. My girlfriend's roommate fucking strews her shit all about the apartment... it's like she has specific spots that are "hers". I really want to lock these people up. They are a threat to the decency of humanity. Anyone with me?


Yeah I inherited ocd from my parents. My room is always incredibly clean. I actually start to freak out if things aren't tidy. Iv'e stayed up until 1 am tidying shit up. It's hell. i'm like the anti this guy.

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