do all books these days have cool covers? or is that how you picked these out?

harry II

my sixteen year old self wanted to be a veterinarian. too bad that never worked out for me.

sacred motion

anyone know what font the better off dead cover uses?

down to all graffiti books and virtually all graffiti while we're at it.


My 16 year old self wanted to be one of those porno actor guys who gets paid 500 dollars a scene to fuck hot 20 year old girls. But my dick stayed 4 inches and my back got covered with hair and I acquired a gnarly case of halitosis that has befuddled a huddle full of dentists and periodontists. So much for that. I have never recovered. I will die of a broken heart. Because I was born to be a stud. But my body disagreed with me. And the body always wins. Remember that, kids. In a battle between the Body and The Mind, always back the Body.


Sacred motion,

It's Futura. They may have played around a little with the ascenders on the ff's I think, but essentially it's Futura.

And yes, I'm currently single.

frank graffiti

There's just another Graffiti Book out. This one is really exclusive and it features the absolute king of new york graffiti, Blade. Blade did over 5.000 (!) subway trains and that's why he is the King of Kings.

buy viagra

Life is something that in the universe is common, for me there is no doubt that more advance, intelligent life is out there, some may already contacted us, others probably are in other regions of the universe.

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