The Unibrower

Thanks. Now all my manifestos will be blamed on Kinkos/FedEx.

oh yeh!

who cares, this is hardly the worst violation of human rights, and if your not printing some illegal shit then why the hell would you care???

@oh yeh!

you are an idiot.

this is another reason i try to buy gadgets with cash. you never know what's been built in to them.


Because it's wrong, thats why you care dickhead.
Do you have any idea what happends if evil men, like today, have access to this kind of information? They fuck with people who are against them, even if they aren't doing anything illegal.

Danimal the Depraved

It may not be the worst civil rights violation but it is still a civil rights violation. People like you, with your rationalization of government intrusion into our private lives, scare the shit out of me even more than the people behind the aforementioned intrusions because you are content to let it happen. and, there's a lot of you out there too.

leslie ann

mmmm interesting article. very interesting.

sista sista

this guy asked a lot of good questions. once again i'm in awe/pissed off that vice is one of the only places to find good journalism nowadays


This article is so important!!! Tangible, Informative, and chilling; it reveals the "police-state" aspects of our society and warns us that we must strive and work for a culture that is truly democratic and civilized. The fact that there are people who don't realize the need for journalism such as this demonstrates its timely relevance in a society with a growing population of non-thinking, uninformed troglodytes!

joe good buzzel

nice research. does that mean that despite being incredibly inconvenient not owning a printer could actually be doing me some good?


Use yellow paper.


"Use yellow paper."

for color copies?

magazine printing company

Rationalization of government interference in our private lives, scares the crap out of me more than the people behind the burglary above because you are happy to leave. and there are plenty of you out there too.

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