Getting stuck in Orlando in any situation is a bummer. Yo-land-ho sucks. Nice buttocks!


orlando is a pretty disgusting place after your 12. i used to love going there and hitting all the cheap cheap outlet malls. then i went back and was felt dirty just being there.


That is a cracking ass!!! cracking.

airbrush haven

florida is the nation's dong. i guess that would make the panhandle the world's flattest ballsack and if you've been to panama city beach you know that is pretty much the truth.

x ism

i like orlando. its a total shithole but it can be rad if you know where to go.

being robbed sucks but you look gewdd girl.


"It was like getting motorboated by reality."

So, so true.


eeps! lone me that baja print hoodie...amazing...

also nice tush...

ay yi yi

sorry but this was not written well enough for it to be worth me wasting 3 minutes of my life on. long story short: you were dumb and you got robbed. in other news, i just farted.


Daytona actually has some decent thrift-stores.
As for that ass....

diane lucille

i want a pear of those red leopard print pants

diane lucille

PAIR! i was attempting to type pair* of red leopard print pants

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You have some great pictures !!

Avery Newman

Nothing says you are an entitled baby like "My friends are so cool they shoplifted from a thrift store

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Very creative. I would probably cage the heels too, though it probably wouldn't looks very good... ;P

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