kool fartz

Man, why not just go buy another bag/jar?

you guys sound like poor fiends with no more coke money. Sort of pathetic.


pathetic indeed. this just shows you the ugly side of cocaine. You end up snorting molten hot melted plastic mixed with cocaine sludge just to get a little buzz...

chimney blaster

jar guy? where does he hang? i'd much rather have a pesky flake trapped in a corner that frantically trying to untie a half-inch baggy corner and fumble with keys while anxious fuckheads bang on the stall door. did you consider a bullet? those work wonders doing coke outside the house. you get some stuck but it sounds like you're already dealing with that.

fess up

come on! you cant leave me hanging like that? i want tales of hijinx, or did not work at all and you want to make people look like asswipes from putting their coke into nasal sprays.


it's not the money kool fartz it's throwing in the cocaine towel. you can't let the chemicals beat you. you're better than them!


god you are lame! i dont want to hear about your awesome stroke of genius I want to hear about you waking up with the 45yr old hooker and not remembering how,who,why and what happened last night.


You goofy-ass dudes and your drug stories.




Genius happened...hahahaha. Where did you go to school?


hey what time is it?

looks like amateur o'clock to me


"i'd much rather have a pesky flake trapped in a corner than frantically trying to untie a half-inch baggy corner and fumble with keys while anxious fuckheads bang on the stall door."

What the cokehead said, I agree with.

On a more serious note, I've found that an appropriately bent paperclip can work wonders on those pesky flakes in peskier parts of the jar.. I turn into CokeGuyver when such a simple issue prevents my sinuses from dancing. I've also scraped a gram out of a jar cap. I getting fucking motivated for this shit.


How cliche...


h8 coke.


The most effective means of intra-nasal administration is an aqueous solution.

Ever wonder why those nasal sprays are sprays, not crystals?

You stumbled on the standard medical method.

But try telling that to coke heads with crystal fetishes. . .


just think of all the heads rolling on the highway in juarez so you kids could do your next hit. word.

squirrel nuts.

stupid, all you needed to do was put the plate on top of some boiling water, evaporate that shit ketamine style. i don't know how someone not knowing how to take drugs is relevant content, even in a "blog."

dude man

haha, to support your drug habits you guys get people murdered. soooo coooooolll.

how many people had to die so you could write this article?

ski report

ive gotten these jars many-a-time. best/safest route is clean out the whole fucker with a paperclip from the start and then bag it. or if your looking for a good time do the whole fucking jar in 4 lines.

lost in south austin

i agree with the last guy. knock out the whole thing right then and there till its gone, then hit the road.


"haha, to support your drug habits you guys get people murdered."

Haha, when you pay taxes, your money is used to make bombs and bullets which kill people.


In Brazil a jar like that big but 5 times better is like 8 pounds... Coffee mony. (like 2,5 Grams) also when we dicide to blo some coke we pick a pack each and act like BYO. Even if there is 10 of us in tha house.Even the chicks. You party like a Guantanamo prisioner.


I was taught this method last summer thanks to some gay friends at the club. It's a great way to get your buzz going because it's very discreet. At least, it was discreet. Thanks for blowing our cover, man.

Bandit a la mode

Quit glorifying cocaine, it causes wars.


shit vice, i cant believe you are allowed to write this stuff! great advice for future reference thanks!!


is this really the only thing you vice cunts can think to write about??!! this isn’t a fucking diary!!

Dear Diary,

I bought some drugs. I ruined the drugs. I took some drugs. I wrote about the drugs.

shit and disappointing.

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