Toby Keith's Uncle

Heathclit! Damn you Johnny Ryan!


I like how that bunny's fur has pockets and cuffs.


Yoshihiro Tatsumi rules

we built this city on shock and awe

never heard of "jin and jam" but hellen jo appears to be a star in the making. wonderful lines.

stan lee is the devil

in the flesh and a drifting life look pretty fucking cool. i just found a great new book by a local writer called Denia which kicks all these books asses. i think u can find it online for free too

liver spitter

nothing like some good comics for reading in the park. nicely done vice


i fucking hate word bubble shaped like raindrops. thats is some second grade horeshit. u might as well be drawing john cena and sonic touching penises

john henry the hb

the cover of in the flesh is great. i am depressed and i havent even dosed yet


no, car trash pizza rules


yeah i'm definitely gonna look into jin and jam and car trash pizza...the whole jin and jam asian thing probably comes from japanese anime and manga where all the blondes and brunettes, white, black, brown people all seem to look asian.

Urinal Viper

Mimi X is Dizzy Spells Martian which is a rad band, now go forth and put this information to use.


Three cheers for not getting new goals!

mellon creeeeeeeeeeeeem

where can i get car trash pizza


that is some shitty review of koren's book.


oh it's "koren" now, is it?

how to build twitter follower

You are exactly right on this blog post!!!


I absolutely love all the new fearutes like new fonts and how versatile Bitstrips is. The fact that you can embed your comics on your wiki or blog makes Bitstrips the most wonderful literacy tool there is. After making their comics, our students share them and use the embed code to publish their comics on their own wiki page. Once embedded, anyone who has access to the site can see their work. Some of the things I like about embedded Bitstrips comics are that they load very fast, use no storage space on the student page, and you can view them in full screen.

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