Toby Keith's Uncle

"Because of all their talking, did they also have stronger jaws?"

ZING! They also have stronger cooking and cleaning muscles. Yeah...


not only is it a lowrider shopping cart, but it's going backwards and filled with bulldog puppies and missing a handle. where do i pick up one of these babies?

is the loe

is it me or am i the only female kinda insulted by this? no chick wants to think of a rotting reproductive system, lonely and without want. Damn you kenneth


I heard of a woman who stuffed a puppy up her vagina and tried to mimic birth because she was so alone in this world. Just kidding. I wanted to spice up the weak short story i just read.

Armpit of Despair

Does every girl really think that their fate is a rusty beaver? So sad. Let me help you with that. 212...


the vice fiction issue is sometimes on ebay for a reasonable price.



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