i hate to rain on your not-killing-yourself parade but isn't she lip syncing this all? at first i thought maybe she had one of those tiny garth brooks microphones, but upon closer inspection i don't believe so.


So what? It's not like she never sang them! GOD. do you know how hard it must be to dance like that and sing at the same time?

No one should be subjugated to Minnelli crotch. No one.


oh come on, it wasn't that bad. you wouldn't hit it if it wasn't Dorthy's kid?


may be

just kill yourself


They're totally wrong. She's great.


Am I the only person who thinks Liza Minelli is like everyone's kookie aunt? If there were a family gathering all of the grown-ups would be in the kitchen complaining about their property taxes and bragging about their kids (as if anyone gave a fuck), and she would balance her time between doing magic tricks and dancing for the really young kids and trying to teach teenage me how to approach girls the right way, with style and class and humour...
...can you adopt celebrity aunts? Or just rent them for Christmas dinner?

Android Tablets

where is the star wars kid when you need him? in his basement i'd guess. but for real, what happened to this guy's hands and why is his couch jacked up like that? i doubt he has enough friends to need an upper deck for movie watching. maybe he's the red team leader for episodes I-III. 2945abc45 0422

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